Willie Aikens Shares His Story on the Royalman Report


We’ve had a number of guests on the Royalman Report, but none have had as tumultuous a journey as Willie Mays Aikens.

Aikens was a star in the 1980 World Series, hitting two homers in Games 1 and 4, as well as winning Game 3 with an RBI in the bottom of the 10th inning. Within five years, Aikens would be out of baseball and battling addictions to cocaine and alcohol. In 1994, he was convicted on drug and bribery charges.

In describing his fall from stardom and his return to normalcy, Aikens provided us with an intensely honest and personal account of his journey back to baseball and fatherhood.

(Aikens has a book due out in April that is available for pre-order if anyone is interested. We get no compensation for mentioning this or for any sales, but want to make sure you’re aware.)

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