Pass It On: Royals Links


This week turned out to be a little bit crazy, so I’m still catching up on some of the other work out there about the Royals. The Prince Fielder signing turned out to be a surprise and reactions were mixed upon his signing with the Tigers.

Craig Brown advises everyone not to panic. The signing makes the Tigers better and cements them as the favorites for 2012, but they were favorites before, so how much has really changed, aside from Detroit’s payroll?

In a similar vein, Jeff Parker notes that the Royals will have full seasons from Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas and others after a 2011 where the Royals outscored Detroit in their 18 meetings.

Of course, Paul Thompson shared his thoughts on the Fielder signing here on KoK earlier in the week, as did newcomer Marcus Meade.

I find it very difficult to hate Jeff Francoeur anymore. I’ve met him once at FanFest shortly after he’d signed with the Royals before 2011 and he seemed every bit the good guy that people would tell me. I think he does have some impact on the team’s morale as a vocal leader and example of how to carry oneself in the big leagues. Like many others, I have no idea how to quantify that or apply it to his overall value. We talked on the Royalman Report to his biggest fan – “Lil Frenchy”  and last year in a series at Oakland, he made a few more fans. This tale on the Hardball Times should make it impossible to hate Jeff Francoeur the person, even if you don’t like Jeff Francoeur the player.

Wally Fish at Seedlings to Stars compiled an excellent listing of Royals prospects, choosing the top prospects by position (and naming a few more). It’s a nice snapshot of the organization’s depth at this moment as many prospects from last year’s rankings have made it to the big leagues already.

Finally, Matt Hayes has done some digging and come up with every Royals player he could find on Twitter, going all the way down to rookie ball levels and including recent draft picks. His favorite is Everett Teaford, who just joined this month (@teaparty61). I get a kick out of following the antics of Jason Adam (@Jason_Adam9), Lane Adams (@LAdamsKC) and Bubba Starling (@Bubba_Star10).

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