#RoyalsClassics – Royals Movies on Twitter


Sometimes, on Twitter, strange memes pop up that turn out to be a lot of fun. On Tuesday night, one such trend became the editing of movie titles to feature Royals players and themes (the first incarnation was done by some Cardinals fans, but Royals fans are much better at these things anyway). Using the hashtag #RoyalsClassics, here are some of the best (and there should be a full listing of them here, updated by Twitter in real time):

With more after the jump:

I contributed a few, including this one:

This prompted me to continue the Hitchcock idea.

And I was particularly happy with this one too, commemorating a failed draft pick.

This one by Matt Hayes is probably my favorite though.

Ross Martin coined the nickname “Country Breakfast” for Billy Butler, so he has to be included.

And this one was particularly clever, too.

This one from Brian McGannon is too true.

And to finish out a whole mess of great ones.

Definitely give all of those guys up there a follow on Twitter. As the season approaches, and especially during games, it turns into a nice support group for any kind of venting, therapy or ranting you might need during a tough Royals game. Hopefully, though, there won’t be as many of those in the future as there have been in the past.

Your turn – what are some of your #RoyalsClassics?

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