Yuletide Verse From a Kansas City Fan


As we suffer through the cold
The light no longer staying late
We muse on days of old
When the Boys in Blue were great

The times are different now
The years have stretched since then
But could GM Dayton Moore
Have us on the cusp again?

First, I’ll get something off my chest
I believe it’s worth a mention
Let’s not beat around the bush
Give Alex Gordon his extension

Next, let’s talk first-rate rooks
who showed that they can play
I don’t purchase jerseys often
But for Hosmer’s? Yeah, I’ll pay

Our rotation has some needs
I say we open up the vault
I know there’s some who won’t agree
But, let’s go and sign Oswalt

How ’bout infield defense?
A shortstop who was pesky?
A caveat of the Grienke trade
Who’s not impressed by Esky?

Some people said this veteran
Would have no chance to soar
The Royals give another chance
And are surprised by Jeff Francoeur

An All-Star as a rookie
Who was proving he could throw
In the second half he struggled, but
I have high hopes for Aaron Crow

We should be fair when speaking of relievers
Turn and turn about
For a bunch of unknown pitchers,
Our bullpen is lights-out

So have a Merry Christmas
Think of Santa and his elves
And I hope that on your Christmas list
You asked for an exciting 2012.

Closing Comments

Hope everyone has a merry Christmas and a happy new year! Oh and if you have a certain affinity for rhyming and would like to contribute another stanza, by all means, comment and do so.

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