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Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star came into the studio to discuss the state of Kansas City sports with us on the Royalman Report. Usually, we’re focused entirely on the Royals, but a large part of this episode dealt with the happenings a few hundred feet across the parking lot, where Mellinger commented on the Todd Haley firing, where the Chiefs go from here and the criticisms of ownership.

Mellinger coined the “Mission 2012” concept, so we had to get into that, discussing how close the Royals are to true contention, what would be a disappointment this year, the excitement of the city, the fans and the players themselves, plus the perception of David Glass as an owner and the Frank White/Kevin Shank issue.

We had a packed house with the usual cast of characters that you’re used to, and Sam Sapenaro from the K Crew was in the house as well helping us out.

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