Mike Vamosi and Alan Barrington Join Kings of Kauffman


We’re glad to announce that our search for additional writers has led us to two contributors that we’re very excited to bring aboard. Before they make their first posts, I want to let you know more about them and their background, and, as has become tradition here at Kings of Kauffman, I’ll let them tell you in their own words:

Mike Vamosi (@TweetsByVamosi on Twitter)

"Born and raised in Omaha, NE in the southwest suburb of Millard, I attended THE University of Nebraska at Kearney and graduated in May of 2008 with a degree in Sports Administration and Sports Communication minor. Following college I did internships at Florida Tech in Melbourne, FL and Texas A&M-Corpus Christi in their athletic media relations department. I’ve been a long suffering Royals fan having grown up going to Omaha Royals/Golden Spikes/Storm Chasers games both at Rosenblatt Stadium and now Werner Park. Living 180 miles from Kansas City meant that my dad and I go to several Omaha games a year. Being only two years old in 1985 I’m waiting for the payoff of being a Royals fan when they end the playoff drought that many of us have all been waiting for and seemingly every fan base other than the Expos/Nationals have enjoyed."

Alan Barrington (@Alan_Barrington on Twitter)

"I was born in Lawrence, KS, and grew up in Kansas City during the Royals’ glory days, living there from 1964 – 1979 and again from 1997-2003.  I attended my first Royals game with my father and uncle on June 13, 1969 and watched the Royals lose to the Tigers 6-0.  On the bright side, I was able to purchase a hot dog and coke from a stadium vendor for 35 cents.  Inflation has impacted concession prices somewhat during the ensuing years since then.Probably the most impactful evidence of my life-long Royals addiction would be the surreptitious bedtime act I engaged in every night during baseball season.  As a young man of 9-12 years old, I lived in a very strict household with an unreasonable early bedtime.  Every evening I was forced to brush my teeth and turn out the lights at 8:30 pm, long before the Royals game had ended.  My parents were unaware that I had a small transistor radio, about twice the size of a deck of cards, that I would slip under my pillow every night after they tucked me in.  Very, very quietly so no one else would hear, I would listen to Bud Blattner and Denny Mathews call the games.   The sound of Denny’s voice still brings back fond childhood memories every single time I hear him speak.I now live in San Antonio, but I still rarely miss a Royals game.  I subscribe to the Extra Innings package on DirecTV, MLB.TV on my computer (as well as the Minor league package), and if I happen to be in my car while the games are on, I listen to them on XM radio.  I visited Spring Training in Surprise from 2005-2008, and I already have reservations to attend next March as well.  Last summer I drove to Rogers, AR to see Salvador Perez play before he was promoted to the majors, and I have the opportunity to attend additional games in San Antonio and Austin when the Naturals or the Storm Chasers come to town."