Aaron Crow Is All Over the Place – Ask Him Something


As the Royals 2011 All-Star representative and a product of Topeka, KS as well as the University of Missouri, it seems that for right now, Aaron Crow is the local boy done good for the Royals.

Last week, he joined other Royals officials at the City Union Mission in Kansas City to serve Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless.

The Royals are also sending him out into the community again this Saturday, December 3rd when he’ll make an appearance at U.S. Toy Store in Leawood from 2-3 p.m. I mention this because Fake Ned Yost (Chris Kamler) from Kings of Kauffman’s podcast, the Royalman Report, will be on hand to interview Crow during the event.

The flyer below can be used as a coupon if you’re looking to do some shopping, also. So there’s that.

What questions would you ask Crow? We’ll pass on some of them to Chris to ask Aaron.