Five reasons towards 2012 Royal failure


It’s the offseason. A cold, lonely place for Kansas City baseball. For the first time in years it can confidently be stated that the Royals are more of the driver than the passenger. Many experts will have the Royals winning eighty plus games next year. There is more hope for this team than ever. The youth is Major League exposed, Butler and Gordon are calmly above water, and if Dayton Moore has his head right, he will use this precious off season time to really fill in the gaps.

Where there is hope, there is potential to win. Money must be spent! Moore needs to pull the trigger on at least two pitchers in the offseason. I’m not talking “prospects” here, I’m talking sure fired bets. I’m talking one Felix Hernandez type talent, one Max Scherzer type talent. Both in the starting rotation.

Then, aside from healing wounds in the starting rotation, Moore must seal a gap or two in the bullpen. Once again, no prospects–I’m talking someone like Matt Capps or Mitchell Boggs.

Finally, we need one more big bat and I really think the Royals have reason to get excited here. We are talking a similar player to David Murphy (a nice slap hitter) or  Johnny Perlata (surprising splash of power and clutch). This should do the trick, and it’s all possible! It takes money, but this is a service the Royals can finally afford. The big picture is a clear as it will ever be. The puzzle is finally down to five or six pieces as we can finally depict the overall question? What is this?

This is a team capable of winning and winning big!

and yes, retaining Francouer and Melky is a MUST. Sorry folks.

If the Royals somehow find a way to screw this up, it will be for these five reasons:

Here are five reasons towards 2012 Royal Failure

5.) Inconsistency- Playoff teams are durable and full of oxygen, if the Royals tail off in mid August you can kiss the season goodbye.

4.) Dayton Moore has a diet offseason- There are very strong points to the current team. We know it. But there are a few gaps we all know need to be filled. If they aren’t, KC has no playoff run. Simply said.

3.) Midseason drama- The Royals need to mesh from day one till the end. If there is a month or two of losing and Moore tries to axe Yost to revive the season, it’s not going to work. Yost or Francona, or Lasorda whomever, the manager doesn’t mean squat to this team. No need for mid season drama. There should be absolutely no reason to distract or harm a potentially good thing for this team.

2.) Injury- As solid as this team can be, it cannot afford to lose anybody. Health is the golden ticket for this ball club. The Royals aren’t rich enough to buy premium full coverage insurance… only liability. If Hosmer, Butler, or Gordon go down, so do the Royals.

1.) Curse- Yeah, now you think I’m crazy. If everything goes as planned and the Royals still can’t make it to the big stage, then chalk one up for the record books, the Kansas City Royals have a Cubbie problem.

Get Epstein on the phone for future help.

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