Panic or Patience? FanSided Weighs in on Pitching Prospects


If you’re a Royals fan, these days you almost have to be a fan of the minor league system and the many prospects making their way up to the big leagues. There’s not much else to look forward to, quite frankly.

Here on FanSided, the central hub of minor league updates is located at Seedlings to Stars and this week they were kind enough to feature Kings of Kauffman in their feature “Harvesting Opinion”.

Specifically, this week, they’re discussing the Royals pitching prospects in light of the following question:

"The Royals have had less than stellar starting pitching at the big league level in 2011 and prospect Mike Montgomery has struggled, John Lamb had Tommy John surgery and Chris Dwyer is only now starting to turn it around.  Panic?"

The dynamic duo of Nathaniel Stoltz and our own Wally Fish tackle that idea and you can see their responses linked below.

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