A Royal Feast


Yesterday was pretty boring.  Coming out of the All-Star Break, there was no baseball of any kind.  None.

That makes it tough to be a baseball fan.  The second half awaits, the fun of the trading deadline lurks around the corner, and then there are potential callups.  Maybe it’s just me, but I was antsy to get things going again.

While everyone gets back into baseball rhythm, how about some great things out there in the Royals blogosphere?

This could be interesting to watch over the next two-plus weeks.  Dayton Moore has suggested that he may stick with the group he has in Kansas City while the trade deadline approaches.  Those ideas of trading off Wilson Betemit, Jeff Francis, Jeff Francoeur, Melky Cabrera and the rest of the bunch.  I think it’s lip service, myself, and trying to hint at a kind of scarcity, but if it’s true, it’s a mistake.

I love the TV series The Wire and I love the Royals.  So Josh Duggan’s series over at Royalscentricity comparing Royals personnel to characters from the vaunted show is a perfect mix.  His latest installment compares Zack Greinke to … well I won’t spoil it for you.

At the ripe age of 18, Cheslor Cuthbert has launched himself into the list of top prospects in the Royals system.  He’s crushing Midwest League pitching while at Kane County and proving to be one of the best international signings in recent memory.  Nathaniel Stoltz has a great writeup over at FanSided’s minor league baseball blog Seedings to Stars.

With Kansas City getting the All-Star Game in 2012, Chris Kamler (who you know as @fakenedyost on Twitter) has come up with suggestions – and is asking for yours as well – to make it a meaningful event.