The first thing I suggest is that we acknowledge what happened.

The Indians beat our Royals.

It’s done and we can all move on because the ordeal is over.

19-1 losses don’t happen often; heck, 10-1 losses don’t happen often.  This wasn’t so much a game as a trial.  A test.

How does a team come back from something like that?

Let’s accentuate the positive:

  • The Royals did not surrender a run in four innings.
  • Unlike on Saturday, the Royals did not get shut out.
  • Mitch Maier got to play.  He even batted once!
  • Tim Collins, Joakim Soria and Louis Coleman didn’t give up a run.
  • Billy  Butler and Eric Hosmer both doubled.  In fact, four of the Royals five hits were for extra bases.

That’s about all you can really say.  The Royals will try to rebound tomorrow with *shuffling papers* Sean O’Sullivan (2-2, 3.79) taking the hill against Carlos Carrasco (1-2, 5.29).  The Royals originally had Vin Mazzaro slated to start on Tuesday, but he was the third pitcher in today’s game.

And he gave up 14 runs.

Maybe it was poor prepaation since he had no idea that he’d be in the game, or maybe we just got a lemon from the A’s.

Either way, after the game, Mazzaro was sent back to Omaha with a 22.74 ERA.  Everett Teaford will take his place.

Mazzaro was called into action as an emergency.  Kyle Davies started, walked three of the first four batters he faced before calling for the trainers.  Nate Adcock replaced him but was ineffective.  That brought Mazzaro into the game, since the Royals got an extra day’s rest due to yesterday’s rainout in Detroit.

Mazzaro got torn apart.  No other way to put it.

Davies will undergo an MRI and is likely headed to the DL with a shoulder issue.  Robinson Tejeda will likely replace him on the roster.  There hasn’t been an announcement as to who will take Davies’s spot in the starting rotation.

And hey, it’s just one game.  Tomorrow’s another day, right?