A New Voice – Again


Okay, we’re done adding to our staff at Kings of Kauffman.  That’s after bringing in another talented writer, Mitchell P. Hall.

As always, I don’t want to put words in his mouth about who he is, so here’s his chance to share bit about his path of Royals fandom:

"I have lived in Kansas City my entire life. I consider myself a helpless and tragic Royals victim. Born in 1986, I have heard about the glory days but I’ve witnessed nothing but the dog days. I have been to more than one hundred Royals games in my life and oddly enough, I’d say they have been in the victor in eighty percent of them. So with that said, life, as a Royals fan could at least be a little worse.My top five favorite Royals players of all time might surprise some people. In all honesty it wouldn’t include George Brett. That’s really no different than me saying my favorite player of all time is Babe Ruth, and since I haven’t seem both of them truly play in front of my eyes, I think it’s a little tacky to just jump on the band wagon. This is more of a list of players that I grew up watching that truly made me fall in love with the Royals.1.) Tom Goodwin-the most electrifying base runner I have seen in Kauffman stadium. The man could fat out fly and it was so exciting watching him stretch a single into a double.2.) Mike Macfarlane– He was a very dependable catcher. I always thought his batting stance was cool, and he handled the pitching staff very well.3.) Gary Gaetti– Need I say more?4.) Johnny Damon– Blue collar and hard nosed. A tremendous asset to any team. Knew how to get on base and score.5.) Mike Sweeney– The face of the Royals since Brett.Losing season after losing season, I find myself still a Royals fan. Whatever that means, we’ll never know. In my mind there is a lot to be said for anyone who is so passionate about this team. It takes the most patient of the patient, and it is someone who is a believer in the underdog no matter the time or day. That’s me. That’s you.We still stay for the end of the movie, although boring throughout; there is some deep, dark, hidden feeling in all of us. An eerie feeling that we will eventually have our big day as fans, and watch the Royals as they capture that second ring. Not today. Not tomorrow…but someday.What a grand event in our lives that will be. That’s what makes us Royals fans. The fact that we are so confident we can somehow get there, despite all the wreckage."