Yep. Another New Writer


In the past week, the staff at Kings of Kauffman has doubled.  That’s because on top of introducing Ryan Wood and Jeff Herr, both of whom have already shared their first articles, I’m glad to introduce another new member of the staff.

Welcome to the club, Ethan Evans!

Here’s his story, straight from the source:

"Truly glorious baseball moments for a Royals fan born in the post-85 era are few and far between. I’ve watched my team develop players until they were good enough to deserve a heftier paycheck, and then watched those same players hightail it and perform for other teams who were willing to risk a little more financially.I love the Royals. I guess that’s not very elegant, but it’s how I feel and always will feel. I love being at Kauffman stadium. There is no better feeling than being there on buck night and eating rubbery hot dogs as you heckle opponents. I’ll even say there’s no better feeling than standing in line for 5 hours before a saturday game to get a free jersey, only to get depressed when you realize that the Royals put the number “40” on the back (to commemorate their 40th anniversary) and all you can think about is how you are now forever associated with Kyle Farnsworth.The Royals/Cardinals series at Kauffman generally falls at or around the time of my birthday. A few years ago I went to the series opener. We had already swept them at their place and all I wanted was a win at home to claim the season series. We got it and I walked out of the stadium in pretty high spirits. As I left, I saw a Royals fan talking trash to a guy in a red shirt.“What’s the Royals record again?” snapped the irritated Cardinals fan.“4 and 0,” was the confident reply.There was no response to that.This is the attitude I love about our fans. Even when we’re down, we’re never out. I think going through the downs (there haven’t been as many ups as I’d like) has made me love the Royals more. To fight and grind and claw and hope right alongside your team can only make your bond with said organization stronger. I know lots of baseball fans, but none who are more fiercely loyal than Royals supporters. I’m proud to consider myself one of them."