POLL: Help Us Complete the FanSided AL Central Team


I’ve mentioned the current project going on in the MLB wing of the FanSided offices this month as we await spring training – constructing a team filled with each respective division’s stars.

With our powers combined, we have created an offensive lineup of the AL Central’s finest – with one exception.  We can’t come to a conclusion at third base.

That’s where you come in, so at the bottom of this post, you’ll have an opportunity to vote to help us out.

Originally, Wally Fish, lead writer at Puckett’s Pond and myself voted for Danny Valencia of the Twins.  Steve Kubitza of Deep Left Field and Zac Snyder (a contributor at Motor City Bengals and lead writer at SideLion Report, FanSided’s Detroit Lions blog) voted for Brandon Inge.  John Parent the lead at MCB, filled in for the Southside Showdown contingent (who are breaking in new staff)  and voted for Kansas City’s Wilson Betemit.

Part of the thought behind qualifications for each position (in my mind) were if the player was going to be the “everyday” player at that position.  With the likelihood that Mike Moustakas would start the year in Omaha before a summer promotion.  Also, there’s enough out there to suggest that Mike Aviles will be the starting third baseman until that time that Moose arrives.  That was enough for me to shy away from a Royal for the spot.

The White Sox have some amalgamation of Mark Teahen and Brent Morel this year and Jayson Nix is listed as the third baseman on most Cleveland depth charts.

John came around and switched his vote from Betemit to Valencia, but we didn’t feel it was a strong enough margin to justify finalizing a selection.

I’ll let Zac provide his reasoning for selecting Inge:

"Tigers third baseman Brandon Inge is the elder-statesman among his AL Central contemporaries. In the end, one of his peers may prove to be a superior player but there is no reason to dismiss Inge based on what we know now. He will give a club 15-20 home runs while knocking in about 70 runs and playing very good defense. His fielding numbers do not tell the whole story about his defensive abilities. Brandon’s superior athleticism allow him to reach balls that many third basemen simply wouldn’t get. At times this leads to a increase in errors but those that watch Inge on a daily basis will tell you that he is anything but a liability at third base. In fact, one of the reasons the Tigers signed Jhonny Peralta to be their shortstop is because they are so confident in the man who will be to Peralta’s right."

To go to bat for Valencia – pun intended – Puckett Pond’s Wally Fish:

"I think the clear choice is Valencia.  He’s the youngest but he’s also the most complete offensive and defensive player at the position in the division. Betemit can’t really field. Inge can field but his value at the plate is minimal and his D is trending downward and he rapidly approaching the end of the line (he turns 34 in May and spent a lot of his early career catching). Valencia’s bat is the real deal (though the 7 HRs were a bit of a surprise) and he’s solid on defense and improving. Also, he’s been highly regarded in the Twins system for a while so it’s not like he came out of no where like Brian Buscher in 2008."

If you ask me, since I considered the potential to breakout or bust in 2011, I think Valencia’s the best candidate to at least maintain what he’s done in half a season of work.  He doesn’t have the same power potential that Inge does, but he’ll make more contact and be a more productive hitter all-around to me.  If Inge isn’t hitting homers, he’s almost worthless in my eyes.  If I’d allow myself to put someone in based on a loophole, I’d have voted for Moustakas, but that’s a moot point as he’s not guaranteed to make the big league team out of camp and wouldn’t get a full season in 2011.  Valencia and Inge will (barring injury).

Here are the statistical comparisons for both of our frontrunners:

Brandon Inge (a 2009 All-Star reserve)

10 Seasons48734961028201361365643931109.237.307.394.70185
162 Game Avg.60962128254177049139.237.307.394.70185

Danny Valencia (third baseman for the Topps All-Rookie squad, according to the Beckett Monthly I saw earlier today)


Let’s add Valencia’s minor league stats for a larger sample:

2007222 Teams52172140232176644102.297.354.462.816
200722Fort MyersA+2502867826311648.291.332.422.754
2008232 Teams53875151375157645113.311.366.500.866
200823Fort MyersA+25135741935442743.336.402.518.921
200823New BritainAA287407718210321870.289.334.485.819
2009242 Teams5347913938414703977.285.337.466.803
200924New BritainAA25244621447293140.284.373.482.855
5 Seasons20062785431261154265157360.298.353.469.822
AA (2 seasons)AA53984139326176149110.287.353.483.836
AAA (2 seasons)AAA484571313907652271.289.322.421.743
A+ (2 seasons)A+5016314127511754391.313.367.469.836
A (1 season)A271447315011352854.302.374.500.874
Rk (1 season)Rk21130591308291534.311.365.505.870

Help us readers – you’re our only hope! Vote for your selection below. Discuss in the comments section. The other AL Central sites on FanSided may present more detailed arguments for a player, so be sure to check them out as well. Voting ends at noon central time on February 14.

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