Alex, I’m not sure how I should start this letter. I’m sure by now you no longer have the same feelings for ..."/> Alex, I’m not sure how I should start this letter. I’m sure by now you no longer have the same feelings for ..."/>

Still Believing In Gordon


Dear Alex,

I’m not sure how I should start this letter. I’m sure by now you no longer have the same feelings for me as I do for you. I don’t blame you. We’ve had our struggles in the four years we’ve been together. It’s never really been easy for us, and it seems like once things do start to turn around, something always gets in the way.

But I can’t begin to express how much I miss you, or better put, I miss the “you” I know you can be. I miss the “us” I know we can be together. No one else looks at you like I do, Alex. No one else believes in you like I do. Not that jerk DL and certainly not that floozy Omaha. I think now needs to be the time we put our past behind us and look at the future; our future, together.

I still remember the first time we met. All I’d heard about was how great this sure-fire superstar was playing for Nebraska. Everyone told me how amazing you were, how you were the perfect “ballplayer”. You were just so special, and everyone was telling me that you and I would be perfect for one another because not only were you a fan of my team, but your idol growing up was my old flame, George.

It felt too good to be true. I don’t mean that as a negative, Alex, you just have to understand where I’m coming from. I’ve had my heart broken – a lot – since George and I split up. Heck, even the last few years of that relationship were filled with more tears than laughter. It took me a long time to love again, Alex.

But I was ready again with you. Sure I had Carlos and Johnny and Jermaine, but they didn’t really mean anything to me. I always felt as if they’d leave me at the first sign of trouble. Mike was okay, I guess, but we never went out for drinks and just laughed and had fun. All he ever wanted to do was stay in, drink milk and cookies, and read a book.

It was different with you, Alex. I was sure of it. You were all of them wrapped into one scrumptious package. A slick-fielding third baseman that could steal bases and hit for power? Somebody hold me up.

I’ll never forget our first date. I was so excited to see you, and I was so proud to call you my third baseman when you tried to defend me against that jerk Curt that was trying to keep us from scoring. Sure, you struck out, but I’ve always liked watching you do your little wiggle at the plate with your helmet pulled down over your eyes.

That first year didn’t go great for us, I know that. Perhaps we should have taken it a little slower, dated a little longer, before we decided you would move here. I just wanted so badly to feel that same feeling I had with George that I couldn’t wait to rush you into town.

Maybe that was a mistake. Maybe. But please don’t tell me my screw ups four years ago are still holding us back today. Don’t tell me that. Our future is at stake, Alex. Don’t keep punishing me for rushing into things in our past. What’s done is done. Yeah you could look at our past as a waste of time, but you can also look at is as what will make us stronger. It’s not too late.

Even though things have changed since you left me for Omaha last year, my feelings for you haven’t. I know you and Omaha were good together don’t think I didn’t get the stories. People were not shy about telling me what you were doing up there, and doing it all in a new position no less. I should be upset but I’m not. You were happy and healthy and playing well and I’m glad for that.

You see, all I really want is just to see you play. You’re hurt so much I don’t even get the chance to do that. And when you fail, there’s no one that will continue to root for you like I will. But you won’t fail anymore. I believe in you, Alex. I believe you can still be that superstar you were meant to be. I believe we can still have that relationship all the other franchises are jealous of, if you just give it a shot.

That’s all I want Alex, just a chance. I just want the chance to root for you from the bottom of my heart, and dream those dreams I had of us when we first started out. I just want you to be healthy, happy, and playing well. I just want you to be the player I know you can be. I want you to be that player for you, for me, for us, Alex.

I know you may have been hearing some things about me and a few other players. I can assure you Eric, Moose, and Wil mean nothing to me. It’s always been you, Alex. Always. Those players are just friends, they can’t compare to you. I have too much emotions invested in you to turn my back now.

It’s 2011. This is our year, our chance to wipe the slate clean and start over. This is my chance to prove to you how much I believe in you, and this is your chance to prove to the world how you are that superstar everyone said you’d be. I believe in you, Alex. I believe in us.

With all my heart,

Kansas City