Kyle Davies Signs, Avoiding Arbitration


Billy Butler is now the last remaining unsigned Royal.

Kyle Davies and the Royals agreed to a contract for 2011 that pays the right-hander $3.2 million, a huge raise from his $1.8 million salary in 2010.  This comes after Davies allowed the fourth most runs in the American League in 2010, surrendered the ninth most hits and gave up the fifth most walks in the league on his way to a 5.34 ERA over 183.2 innings.

So no, it’s not really a great deal.

Davies figures to be somewhere in the middle of the Royals 2011 rotation.  Maybe this is the year his stuff translates into results.

That leaves Billy Butler, all alone, without a contract.  He should end up agreeing to terms before the arbitration hearing period – Dayton Moore has never went to a hearing with a player and the Royals seemingly are done on the free agent market, so Butler can be the focal point the rest of the month.  He’s due a raise, and perhaps a greater one that before in light of Davies’s new contract.  I originally estimated about a $3.75 million deal for Butler when all is said and done.