Baseball Bloggers Alliance Day!


Kings of Kauffman is a member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, and December 10 is noted as a day where BBA members are helping get the word out about the group.

The BBA is a community of baseball blogs, founded by Daniel Shoptaw, whose goal is to foster connections between blogs for networking, brainstorming, collaboration, debate, discussion and general rabble-rousing.

As a community, the BBA has completed such projects as predicting preseason standings, naming All-Star team selections, voting on postseason awards and currently we’re conducing Alliance-wide voting on the Hall of Fame.

There are many, many blogs out there, and to have a central hub to generate discussion and bounce ideas off one another is a vital part of the creative process.  We’re all fans of baseball, and we’re all fans of baseball writing.  The Baseball Bloggers Alliance helps us produce better content for our readers.

You can read up more about the BBA in Shoptaw’s interview with Misc. Baseball.

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