Winter Meetings Day 1: Still Speculating


Monday marked the first day of the Winter Meetings and it was relatively quiet for most teams other than a few signings and a trade between the Oriole and Diamondbacks.

On the Royals side, there have been no signings and no trades.

Although there weren’t any transactions, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t wood on the hot stove, as discussions seemed to be going on all day, mostly about Zack Greinke and a few new teams who could be in the mix as potential trade partners.

  • There are still reports popping up that Greinke is willing to go anywhere.  The Royals have been talking with the Rangers, but according to Bob Dutton, they’re not very impressed by the Rangers’ offers.  The Royals are right to ask for a lot, and if the Rangers don’t offer the right package of players, there are other suitors, including the Toronto Blue Jays and, almost out of nowhere, the Milwaukee Brewers.  The Brewers just traded their top prospect, second baseman Brett Lawrie, to the Blue Jays for Shaun Marcum (of Excelsior Springs, Missouri).  Some names from the Blue Jays that get floated out there are Kyle Drabek, Travis Snider and perhaps Lawrie in a flip.  The Brewers have possibly been holding Lorenzo Cain out of trade talks with other teams as a possible chip to go after Greinke.  One quote states that “Royals officials acknowledge a deal could come together in a hurry” if the Blue Jays were willing to include Drabek and Snider in a deal.
  • The Jeff Francoeur sweepstakes is currently a race between the Royals, the Phillies and the Rockies.  According to Jayson Stark of ESPN, the Royals are picking up the pace in their talks with Francoeur.  I saw one tweet that sent shivers down my spine that the Phillies and Royals are getting into a bidding war.  That can’t be good for anyone (except the Francoeur camp).
  • Dutton also chimed in on the Royals search for a right fielder and listed other options.  I completely spaced out on guys like Andruw Jones even being an option on Sunday, but he might be the ideal fit given that he could be looking for playing time to build up value for a future contract.  The Royals seek someone who is right-handed, has some pop and has something to prove.  They also want that player to be affordable – Austin Kearns is Dutton’s ideal fit.
  • One option I’ll look at more in-depth tomorrow is a player with average speed, good power, average contact and great patience and plate discipline.  The Nationals have mentioned that Josh Willingham (and his .842 OPS and 11.6% walkrate) would be available in a trade.  Rany Jazayerli speculated that Robinson  Tejeda could be a good enough offer to get the 2010 All-Star in Kansas City.

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