The New Kid on the Block


In an effort to bolster the depth and talent on Kings of Kauffman, I started asking for interested Royals fans to contact me about becoming regular contributors here on the site.  I lucked out by getting some quick responses and here’s a quick update on that process.

First, as you may have noticed, Tom Smalley has returned from a hiatus where he was able to take advantage of a great opportunity to rub elbows with the celebrity crowd, working on the set of a film.  Pretty neat stuff.  You can read his return article on Kings of Kauffman where he looks at the craziness surrounding the sudden thought that Zack Greinke HAS to go.

Second, I want to welcome Gage Matthews to the Kings of Kauffman family. He set the bar high by submitting not one, not two, but THREE (3) prospective articles for me to review and they were all high-quality material. For those of you who engage in Royals discussion on Twitter, you’ll know him as @MinnesotaRoyal. But hey, how about I let Gage tell you a bit more about himself:

"Born in Excelsior Springs, MO, I had a few years for the Royals and Mizzou Tigers fandom to sink into my blood before my family moved to Wisconsin. I learned to follow the Brewers and eventually the Twins while spending 18 years in Wisconsin and Minnesota, but the royal blue in my blood was never washed away. After graduating from St. Olaf College, I moved down to Nashville, TN, where I’ll be chasing my PhD in Chemical Biology at Vanderbilt for the next several years. While I’m still away from the Royals’ home territory, I get to watch the prospects play when Omaha comes to town to play the Sounds and love watching the Commodores’ stellar team, especially when they could be future Royals. I grew up on a small farm and love playing softball, soccer, and whatever other club sports come my way."

I’m glad to have Gage in the mix and I think his thoughts will be a welcome addition as we look ahead to a busy busy offseason.

That being said, I’m still looking for contributors. I have received other submissions and other inquiries, and would like to keep the door open to any Royals fans who may be interested.

Simply submit a sample article (500-1500 words) to me at It can be about anything pertaining to the Royals – humorous, statistically-focused, prospect-heavy – as long as it’s an example of your best work. I understand it’s tough to go from casual chit-chat to full blown writing, as my first draft in my pre-Kings of Kauffman days was pretty rough before I reworked it, so take your time, proofread, double check to make sure you’re comfortable with it first, and then send it on in.

As a contributor on Kings of Kauffman, you’d only need to meet the requirement that you post one article per week on the site. The option is open for you to post more frequently if you choose to do so.

So if you can manage 1500 words or so a week, send me a sample. If you’ve always wanted to try and never made the leap, well what are you waiting for? I have to say the last seven months posting on Kings of Kauffman have been among the most unique I’ve had in a while, and if you like talking Royals baseball, this is the place to do it.

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