Changes In Omaha


The Royals have already renewed their developmental agreement with Omaha to remain the Triple A affiliate, but with the closing of Rosenblatt Stadium this year, the team has decided to poll fans on the possibility of changing the team’s name as well.

They’ll still be referred to as “Omaha” but may drop the Royals, with names like the Monarchs, Hailstorm, Cattlemen or Prairie Dogs as suggestions.

Fans can vote on their top three choices through the 27th when the selections will be wittled down to finalists.

Personally, if they don’t stick with “Royals”, they should at least nod towards Kansas City’s baseball history (which ties into the Royals name as well) and go with the Monarchs.  I don’t know about you, but the Omaha Sizzle does anything but that as far as I’m concerned.

You can vote HERE and also Minda Haas, who works for the Omaha Royals, has weighed in on her blog as well, going so far as to mock up jersey designs for the potential name changes.  Sort of.  It’s entertaining regardless.

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