Your random Miguel Olivo based fact of the day


I took a break from the 7/2 edition of Roster Moves over on Call to the Pen to share something I just noticed about Miguel Olivo.  It came about because one of my friends, and fellow FanSided MLB writer, Nathaniel Stoltz sent me a message that Brennan Boesch* walked 4 times in a game today.

*Our discussions on Boesch go back many months but I will save you all from the details on that.

Four walks in a game from such a free swinger as Boesch is certainly noteworthy and elicited the following response from me, “I remember a game last season where Miguel Olivo walked 3 or 4 times.”  Which got me wondering whether it was 3 or 4 so I flipped over to Baseball Reference to check Olivo’s 2009 game logs.  I was shocked to realize that no such game existed for Olivo, though he did walk twice in a game on September 21st and September 27th.

That, my friends is not the random Olivo fact of the day, or the purpose of this post, but this is. (after the jump)

Last season Miguel Olivo drew 19 walks in 416 plate appearances.  That means that last season there was a 4.6% chance he was going to draw a walk when he stepped to the plate.

Looking at his best walk seasons:

2009:  19 BB / 416 PA = 0.046 (4.6%)
2003:  19 BB / 346 PA = 0.055 (5.5%)
2004:  20 BB / 329 PA = 0.061 (6.1%)

If you are really astute, or just happen to obsess over all things Miguel Olivo, you will know that he has been far more patient at the plate this season in Colorado and has already drawn … 19 walks!

2010:  19 BB / 235 PA = 0.081 (8.1%)

Now I recognize that some of this has been Coors Field aided, but it continues a trend that started toward the end of last season with the Royals when he drew 9 walks in 75 plate appearances after September 1st.

John Buck made the AL All-Star team, Miguel Olivo should have made the NL All-Star team, and in Kansas City we get Jason Kendall every single day.

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