FtFP: Call to the Pen, Murray Chass, Wiffleball, Hosmer, and Kila


It’s Thursday and the Trey Hillman era has finally come to a close.  To celebrate I offer up seven celebratory links for your enjoyment after the jump.

Three Royals made it on This Week In Prospects.  One of them made the Hot Shots list.  The other two landed on Slumping Stars.  Click on the link to find out who!

Yes, I fully recognize that the above link is shameless self promotion, but not as shameless as linking to something I wrote over there this week.  What you will find, if you click on the link, is that Mike Montgomery is holding up pretty well compared to his #1 prospect peers from the other 29 MLB organizations.

Murray Chass is back to trying to berate the statistical revolution underway in baseball.  He uses Zack Greinke’s lack of wins (until today) as his ammo.  I’d give my opinions on Murray’s stance, but if you read this or anything else he’s composed in recent years you can probably figure out how I feel.  I linked to the Baseball Think Factory mention of the article because the comments are entertaining.  If that’s not enough for you, check out what The Common Man thinks of ol’ Murray.



Kila’s not playing much and that doesn’t really surprise anybody, including Aaron Gleeman.

Thanks for the time!  Now you can get back to reading articles about Trey Hillman’s departure.  I’m going to go do that myself.  That or work on the profile for KoK prospect #5.

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