The Royals bullpen is consistent …


After tonight’s loss against the Blue Jays the Royals bullpen has racked up 37.2 innings of work over 13 games.  They have allowed an earned run in 10 of those 13 games, but it gets better.  By better I mean worse, more depressing, frustrating, infuriating, and capable of instilling a sense of dread and hopelessness in Royals fans everywhere.

37.2 innings pitched

49 hits allowed

33 earned runs

30 walks

34 strike outs

7 home runs served up

Want to look at those numbers in a different way?

7.88 ERA

11.7 H/9

7.17 BB/9

8.12 SO/9

1.13 SO/BB

1.69 HR/9

This one is my absolute favorite …

2.10 WHIP

Those numbers are absolutely stunning.  When a Royals reliever jogs in from the bullpen you can expect them to allow over two baserunners every inning.  If the Kansas City pen is involved there is a 77% chance that the opposing team is going to score more runs.

Just freaking awesome.

There are two positives to take from this.  First, they are consistent if nothing else.  Second, they cannot possibly be this bad the rest of the season.  I realize I am tempting fate here, but even as a Royals fan who should know better I’ll stroll out on that limb anyway.  There is no earthly way the bullpen can maintain this pace.  Not going to happen.  Not possible.  Inconceivable.

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