Baseball Side of FanSided (3/20) and damn you Harry Potter


I failed to pull together the weekly edition of the Baseball Side of FanSided or write the next prospect profile last night.  For that, I am sorry, but it’s not entirely my fault.  Some of the blame falls on Harry Potter.

I’ve been anti Harry Potter from day one.  I’ve never read any of the books so my feelings are largely unjustified, but as a fan of the fantasy genre and the proud recipient of an English/Creative Writing degree the hype surrounding the books has caused me to bristle with frustration and anger.  There are so many truly great fantasy writers out there that are far more deserving of the hype than that which is heaped upon J.K. Rowling.  Three of my personal favorites are Terry Brooks, R.A. Salvatore, and Robert Jordan.  All three have published many bestsellers, but I never recall the release of any of their works being met with long lines and hysteria in book stores at the stroke of midnight, but I digress.

There was a Sunday afternoon awhile back, probably over a year ago, that I was waiting for the boys to wake up from their naps so we could head to a family gathering.  I had nothing to do really and was terribly unmotivated, so I was flipping channels.  I happened across Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and due to the lack of viable alternative options I started watching.  I made it about halfway through the movie when the kids woke up and we had to depart.  I never saw the second half of the movie, and despite not being a fan or finding it all that interesting it bothered me that I never saw the end.

That all changed last night after I successfully got the boys tucked into bed upon the conclusion of another “boys night” since my wife was working the evening shift again.  In case you are wondering, boys night did not go as smoothly as Wednesday’s edition.  There was no Christmas in March for me this time.  Zachary was very cooperative and in a very good mood, but our oldest Justin was a roller coaster of emotions due to a cold and general lack of sleep.  Anyway, with the house quiet, I sat down on the couch to write and watch some college basketball.  None of the games piqued my interest and none of them looked like they were going to be very close, so I started flipping channels.

Then on the ABC Family channel, I saw Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  Drawn like a moth to a flame, I grabbed a pillow and a blanket and settled in.  That my friends is why I did not publish a second or third article last night as I had planned.  It’s all Harry Potter’s fault, but at least I know how the movie ends.

Only problem is that now I feel compelled to watch the next five movies in the series.  ABC Family is showing the next four between today and tomorrow, and yes I have set the DVR to record each and every one of them … Damn you Harry Potter.


Now let’s move on to our weekly stroll around the MLB sites of the Sports Network.  A day late is better than never!  Before we get into the links, I want to mention a few new members to our MLB team here at FanSided.

Brett Miller has joined on as a contributing blogger to provide content for our Seattle Mariners site, SoDo Mojo.

Rayhawk Review, our Tampa Bay Rays site, is now led by Justin Klein.  Current staffer Dustin Staggers is staying on board as a contributor.

Andrew Carless is our new lead blogger on our Colorado Rockies site Rox Pile.

Birds Watcher: No posts this week, but we will have a new lead writer providing content for the site within the week!

Blog Red Machine: Meet the Reds Newest Addition

BoSox Injection: Beckett Struggles in Loss to Pirates

Call to the Pen update:  We’ve got our seven columnists ready to go and a schedule planned out.  Site should be launched by the end of next week!

Chicken Friars: Projecting Kevin Correia

Cubbies Crib: Put the Brakes on it – Cubs and Toyota Could soon be Partners

Deep Left Field: Indians Fantasy Primer – Pitchers (Read at Your Own Risk)

Frisco Fastball: Some Spring Updates

Halo Hangout: Rangers Decide to Stand By Their Man

Jays Journal: Sean Ochinko Gets a Look at 3B

Kings of Kauffman: You are here, but I wanted to take a moment to thank the people who have expressed interest in helping me provide content for this site.  In the next week or so I will be officially welcoming a new contributor so stay tuned.

Lasorda’s Lair: Dodgers Top 10 Prospect Report – 8. Trayvon Robinson

Marlin Maniac: Who is Clay Hensley?

Motor City Bengals: Miner Elbow Issues

Nolan Writin’:  Ron Washington tested positive for cocaine during the middle of last season

Rayhawk Review:  It’s About Time Pena

Redbird Rants:  Cards News and Notes – Pujols-Howard Trade Reaction

Reviewing the Brew is still in need of a lead,  email us if you are interested in covering the Milwaukee Brewers.

Rising Apple:  Looks Like Fernando Martinez is Ticketed for Triple A

Rox Pile:  Beer, Brothels and Baseball … and Huston Street may miss season

Rum Bunter:  Pirates Potential Milestones in 2010

SoDo MojoSuspicions Confirmed

Southside Showdown is our new Chicago White Sox site.  We have a lead writer lined up for the site and content should be coming soon.

Swingin’ A’s:  A’s Preview – Coco Crisp

That Balls Outta Here:  Philadelphia Sports Fans – 40+ Years of Being Total A-Holes

Teddy Never Wins is still in need of a lead, email us if you are interested in covering the Washington Nationals.

Tomahawk Take: No posts this week.

Twinkie Talk: Twins Sign Span

Venom Strikes:  Call it a Case of March Madness

Yanks Go Yard:  Jeter hurts hand, is fine

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