New Digs! This house is freaking sweet


If you are a returning visitor to this site, you will notice that Kings of Kauffman has a brand new site design.  I hope you will find it to be a vast improvement over the previous design.  It has been a long road through development and testing but I think the end result was well worth it.  The changes aren’t just aesthetic however, though I do love the new look.  The new template also has the added bonus of providing additional flexibility and functionality.  Kings of Kauffman is one of our first sites to be updated, but over the next several months all of the sites on the FanSided Sports Network will be updated to this new template.

If you are visiting Kings of Kauffman for the very first time I say welcome!  I hope you find value in what you read here and will become a regular.

New or return visitor, I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the new site design.  Please take a moment to vote in the poll, post a comment, or contact us via email.

With the new design live and functional, the launch date for our new site, Call to the Pen, is coming into focus.  As things stand today it appears that we will indeed be able to get the site up in time for Opening Day.  Six of our seven featured columnists are lined up and ready to go, and we’re in the process of picking a color scheme.

In addition to Call to the Pen getting closer to reality, our Chicago White Sox site Southside Showdown will go-live this week.  The AL Central will finally be fully represented!

On the way out, please enjoy:

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