Playing Pepper and Hot Stove contributions


I wanted to briefly point out some thoughts that I have provided to other sources in the last week.  I was going to tie these into a From the Fish Pond article, but think they are better off standing on their own.  After all, Hot Stove and C70 At The Bat deserve all the honor and publicity I can muster.

The Kansas City Royals edition of Playing Pepper is up over on Daniel Shoptaw’s site C70 At The Bat.  It features responses from four BBA member Royals blogs including Kings of Kauffman.  I wound up being the most pessimistic when it comes to the Kansas City’s final record this season, but for the most part the panelists independently came to the same conclusions when it comes to our 2010 expectations.


Tom Reese of Hot posed another question to a handful of Royals bloggers on Friday.  This week’s question was:

"Should the Royals bite the bullet and just cut Jose Guillen?  He’ll clearly be gone after this season, and he’s taking up a roster spot that could potentially go to a deserving prospect."

Click here to read my response as well as the responses of Jordan Bratt (Royals Junkie) and Will McDonald (Royals Review).


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