RSS Success and Blogrollin’


I have finally caught up on my RSS reading!  It only took me three days to get through 1,500 “assignments” after being disconnected for five days.  I consider myself very fortunate that my wife is a huge baseball fan and allows me to devote so much of my free time to reading and writing about the game we both love.

While on the topic of my trip to Jamaica, and I promise this will probably be the last you hear about it, I found it interesting that I saw three different people sporting the Royals gear who were not connected in any way to the wedding party of my sister-in-law or her now husband.  A fourth gentleman gave me a shout out when he saw me wearing* a Royals shirt.  Outside of the Royals gear, I was also surprised to see someone rocking Iowa State Cyclones garb.

*If you are wondering, I wore a Royals t-shirt for four of the five days I was down there so I was representing our team the best that I could.

In catching up on my reading, I realized it was time to do some site maintenance on the Kings of Kauffman blogroll.

Due to general inactivity, or because their writers have chosen to hang it up, I have removed:

Disco Hayes
New Blue Tradition
Number 4 The Smirk
Royal Reflections

I will maintain my RSS subscriptions to all of these sites and if any of them pick back up in terms of post activity they will get added back to my blogroll in short order.

Speaking of adding sites, there are the newest additions to the KoK blogroll:

14 for 77
Royal Revival
Royals Junkie
Royals Prospects

I hope you take some time to check out all four of these sites, if you haven’t done so already.


Originally all of the above was going to be a part of an upcoming hodgepodge From the Fish Pond (FtFP), but that post is going to be pretty long as it is and I wanted to do something more original later tonight.  So I broke off the above into it’s own thing since I was working on the blogroll this afternoon.

I’m leaning toward working on my Zack Greinke article or revealing KoK prospect #14 later tonight so stay tuned for one of those.  There is a 5% chance I will have time to get both of them published but don’t hold your breath.  The next FtFP should drop at some point tomorrow along with the next KoK prospect write-up.

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