From the Fish Pond (1/27)


How’s that title for my news and links posts?  I’m not sure it is the long term answer, but I like it a little better than Crown Gems or Sluggerrr Snacks so I’m going to roll with it for now.  In this edition of From the Fish Pond (FtFP):  Steven Jackson, Anthony Claggett, Joe Inglett, Mario Lisson, assorted Royals links, some thought provoking posts, and more!

Market Fresh Updates:

The Pittsburgh Pirates outrighted RHP-Steven Jackson to Triple-A Indianapolis.  Considering that I wrote the below about him just a week ago, I am a bit surprised that Jackson cleared waivers without a team putting in a claim.

"Steven Jackson has the look of a late bloomer who could contribute to a major league bullpen in 2010.  His excellent 2009 BAbip (Batting Average on balls in play) of 0.257 figures to jump back up closer to league average, however both his 0.77 GB/FB (Ground Ball to Fly Ball Ratio) and 0.95 SO/BB should improve as he continues to get comfortable with his role as a reliever and continues to refine his mechanics.  He can get better and even with the warts in his 2009 season still managed an ERA+ of 131 with Pittsburgh."

Joining Steven Jackson in Indianapolis will be yesterday’s Market Fresh topic, RHP-Anthony Claggett who also cleared waivers and was outrighted.  Considering I didn’t think he merited a look by the Royals, it’s not at all surprising that other “less needy” teams passed on him.

On Monday, 31-year old utility player Joe Inglett was DFA’d by the Texas Rangers to make room for Colby Lewis.  Today Inglett was claimed off waivers by the Milwaukee Brewers.  His time with the Rangers organization amounted to a total of 52 days, considering Texas had just claimed him off waivers, from the Blue Jays, back on December 4th.

There is a growing group of candidates for the next edition of Market Fresh and there is little chance I will get to write a post about all of them.  Here is the list of guys currently made available in the last week or so that could be in a future edition:

RHP-Chris Smith (28), Milwaukee Brewers
RHP-Dennis Safarte (29), Baltimore Orioles
RHP-Mike Eckstrom (26), San Diego Padres
1B-Jesus Guzman (25), San Francisco Giants

Royals News and Links:

25-year old SS/3B-Mario Lisson was DFA’d by the Royals on Monday to make room on the 40-man roster for CF-Rick Ankiel.  Coupled with the designation of Luis Hernandez earlier this month, the Royals have now exposed both of their Triple-A SS to the waivers process.  All this bodes well for 23-year old SS-Jeff Bianchi who figures to kick off the 2010 season as the starting SS for the Omaha Royals.  I’d like to see either Lisson or Hernandez back to serve as Triple-A depth, but Bianchi needs to get the lion’s share of the playing time.  I have kicked around the idea of writing a Market Fresh article on Lisson, but since there are currently four other players recently placed out in DFA limbo my time is probably better served covering one of them.

Projected 2010 starting RF (!) David Dejesus was recently covered in David Pinto’s Players A to Z series.

Jeff Parker, of Royally Speaking, just revealed his Royals All decade disaster team.  What is more depressing than the list of players Jeff compiled?  The fact that you could argue the list-making “merits” of several other players at each and every position.

Over on Royals Review you can find a post that uses; Dayton, sly, cunning, and genius together in a post title.  It is a best case scenario, but it is a point that bears some consideration.  Ankiel, of the players listed, would be the one who actually has a chance to bring a return assuming he is playing well.

Also on Royals Review, a poll was posted asking Are the Royals Better than the Orioles? Not surprisingly, I voted with the “no” crowd which is leading 75% to 25%.  I hope there are follow up polls asking if the Royals are better than the Pirates or Nationals.

Thought Provoking:

Fan favorite, Yuniesky Betancourt, made an “appearance” in an article published over on the SB Nation Mariners blog, Lookout Landing.  If you read only one article today, aside from this one, please click on the link and check out The Effect of Chemistry in MLB and the Yuniesky Betancourt Exception. I will warn you that it is very long, but it is extremely well-written and very insightful.  Whether you agree or disagree, it will certainly get you thinking and that is always a good thing.

The Hardball Times had a thought-provoking article of their own published today which takes a look at the value and merits of DIPS (Defense Independent Pitching Statistics).

Other Stuff:

You may, or may not, remember the story of Luke Holko.  He was the 4-year old boy who was hit in the back of the head by a line drive foul ball back in September at a minor league game.  I came across this today and wanted to pass it along.

In the interest of saving time, I have decided to stop dropping links to each scouting report or video that gets posted over on Baseball Beginnings.  For now if there is a player that really intrigues me I’ll still pass a link along, and once we get closer to the June draft I’ll probably start dropping more links to their scouting work.  In the meantime I encourage everyone to check their site daily or subscribe to their RSS feed.

Having said that, here is the recently posted scouting video on LHP-Jordan Shipers who gets a link since he attends South Harrison HS in Bethany, Missouri.

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