Please Dayton, the Pirates are looking to trade Brandon Jones


The Royals may still have a chance to get their hands on OF-Brandon Jones who was recently claimed off waivers by the Pittsburgh Pirates.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Pirates are hoping to package Jones in a two-for-one or three-for-one deal that would clear space on their 40-man roster and add talent in the process.  The article also references that RHP-Steven Jackson, who was designated for assignment late last night, might be one of the players to be packaged with Jones in exchange for something else.

Consider me intrigued.  I really want the Royals to acquire Brandon Jones and Steven Jackson* has some ability.  The problem is that I have little faith in Dayton Moore’s ability to pull off a trade that would have the Royals coming out on top.

*A Market Fresh edition covering Steven Jackson will be “penned” and published tonight after I get my boys tucked into bed.

From my perspective, trading Kila Ka’aihue for Brandon Jones and Steven Jackson makes sense for both teams.  I don’t see Jeff Clement or Garrett Jones getting it done at 1B for the Pirates, and Garrett figures to be in Pittsburgh’s OF mix anyway.  3B prospect Pedro Alvarez is a beast at the plate but defensively projects to be average at best.  It seems a near certainty that Alvarez will make his major league debut during 2010 and it seems a near certainty that the Pirates will give him plenty of opportunities to stick at the hot corner early on in his career.  Despite the certainty on my part there is plenty of speculation that Pedro’s major league future is at 1B and the Pirates feelings along those lines would play a huge role in their interest in Ka’aihue.

I love Kila and I really don’t want to see him dealt, but he deserves a chance at major league playing time and I find it hard to believe he can get that in Kansas City with so many players already in the DH mix vying for at bats.  If the Royals aren’t going to use him, they may as well get something for him.  Being able to watch Brandon Jones play RF in Kansas City and watch Kila have a chance to shine in Pittsburgh would make me happy with the trade on two levels.  If Dayton could also get Steven Jackson as a part of the deal, it jest gets better.

So I’ll submit the question to you guys (my favorite blog readers in the entire world) does a Brandon Jones and Steven Jackson for Kila Ka’aihue trade seem feasible?  I think the Royals would be getting plenty of value out of Kila in this deal, but would the Pirates even be interested?

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