The Baseball Side of FanSided


I have been really bad about providing you links to content outside of the world of the AL Central.  My Thanksgiving resolution is to fix that post haste.  I submit to you a look at some recent MLB articles posted on the Sports Network.

Marlin Maniac is not a fan of retaining Jorge Cantu.  Of course Michael is completely correct in his assessment of RBIs, but as a Royals fan, it would be nice to have a couple guys in the lineup capable of driving in 100.  We’ve got Billy Butler, and … well … Billy Butler.  In fact to find the last time a Royals player drove in triple digits, you have to go back to 2003 when Carlos Beltran had exactly 100 RBI.

Rising Apple takes a look at Ben Sheets, who the Mets are showing interest in.  In my humble opinion, every team, including the Royals, should be willing to sign him to a one year incentive laden deal.  Eric Bedard has been linked to Kansas City in the rumor mill, so why not Sheets?  The Teahen trade proved to all of us that Dayton can acquire players that are not connected to Atlanta or Seattle, so again, why not Sheets?

That Balls Outta Here shares some news related to Jamie Moyer’s groin, Wilson Valdez, and Harry Kalas in bronze.

Reviewing the Brew shares some thoughts on Prince Fielder and Santo Aybar.

Over at Rum Bunter they find some things for Pirates fans to be thankful for.  If misery loves company, Pirates fans and Royals fans could throw one hell of a depressing party.

Will the Dodgers Land Roy Halladay? Lasorda’s Lair addresses that very question.

Steve Fetch, of Twinkie Talk, submits his AL and NL MVP ballots.  Personally, I like anyone who has the intestinal fortitude to place Greinke 2nd on an MVP ballot.

Sodo Mojo takes a look at what the Mariners could do if Jose Lopez gets traded in the coming months.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving!