“Available” Player Updates and a Rumors Link


A semi-short post tonight for everyone on the heels of the 15-0 three inning beatdown the Hamfighters’ mens squad took this evening.  A brief memo/PSA to the team we played; it is called a “D” league for a reason, we’re just out there to have fun and get together so please go find another league.  Anyway, in the last week there has been a relatively steady stream of players being designated for assignment or giving their outright release.  Here is the rundown:

  • Today the Indians DFA’d 28 year old RHP-Jose Veras who has already been through this once before as the Yankees DFA’d him back in June before Cleveland picked him up.  In 38.2 IP this season he has a 6.52 ERA, 1.500 WHIP, 1.13 SO/BB, and an ERA+ of 68.
  • Also today the Padres officially released 28 year old RHP-Mark Prior who hasn’t pitched in the majors since 2006.  It is a shame to see such a bright star burn out so quickly.  In 657.0 career innings pitched, Prior had a 3.51 ERA, 1.225 WHIP, 10.4 SO/9 and a 123 ERA+.
  • The Mariners DFA’d 33 year old utility player Chris Woodward today.  In his 10 year ML career he has played every position except C and P while sporting a career line of 0.243/.298/.371.  Woodward is the inferior version of Willie Bloomquist and he spent 2008 playing for the Atlanta Braves so you’d think he’d be on Dayton Moore’s radar.  Fortunately for Royals fans, Woodward doesn’t have any speed so GMDM won’t consider him (see linked article at the end of this post).  Even without speed, Woodward’s versatility and 0.298 career OBP probably looks awfully tempting to the Royals front office.  The big question here is why did the Mariners get rid of Willie Bloomquist and try to replace him with Chris Woodward?  Then again who am I to judge the decision making of a team 3 games above .500?
  • Yesterday the Rays released year old RHP-Wade Townsend.  Interesting note about Wade, is that he was selected 8th overall in both the 2004 and 2005 drafts, I’m guessing he is in select company with that achievement.  Injuries derailed his career and limited him to just 211.1 in 4 minor league seasons.  He failed to pitch beyond double-A and has a career minor league ERA of 5.58.
  • On August 1st, the Mets DFA’d 33 year old C-Robinson Cancel.  In 16 season in the minors, he has hit 0.262/.321/.374 but only 0.213/.260/.287 in 94 ML at bats.
  • The Seattle Mariners also chose August 1st as the day to DFA 29 year old 1B-Chris Shelton.  In 5 seasons, and 930 ML at bats, he has hit 0.273/.345/.457 with 37 HR and an respectable OPS+ of 110.  Shelton has not been a useful ML player since 2006, and the one thing the Royals don’t need is another 1B/DH option.
  • On August 1st the Indians DFA’d two bullpen arms.  32 year old RHP-Winston Abreu and 28 year old LHP-Mike Gosling.  Abreu has a career ERA+ of 59, and a 2009 ERA+ of 43.  Gosling on the other hand has a 2009 ERA+ of 67, but a career mark of 95.  In 3 of the previous 4 seasons, he was basically a league average reliever.  He’s probably not worth taking a chance on, but of all the players mentioned here he could actually help a team down the stretch.
  • On July 30th, the Atlanta Braves released 29 year old RHP-Jeff Bennett, but he didn’t go long without a job.  On Saturday August 1st he was signed by the Tampa Bay Rays.  Most of his numbers are terrible; 9.2 H/9 and 4.0 BB/9, but Bennett has a career 3.93 ERA and 109 ERA+.  Might have been worth a look considering the dreadful state of the Royals bullpen.  Of course since he was released, he was free to sign with another team and given the chance to join the Rays or the Royals …
  • Also on July 30th, the Houston Astros released 35 year old RHP-Russ Ortiz.  He had a nice run as a starter from 1998 to 2004, but since then he has been on the Sidney Ponson career path.  Not surprisingly, he remains unsigned.

There is still no update on RHP-Ryan Speier who was DFA’d by the Colorado Rockies on July 24th.

I came across an interesting post on MLB Trade Rumors.com regarding players who might be moved prior to August 31st via waiver deals.  This basically amounts to throwing a bunch of names against the wall to see what sticks, but since several Royals are listed I thought I would mention it.  Click here and enjoy the speculation.

Finally, and I almost hate to close on this note, Dick Kaegel posted an article on MLB.com today titled, Royals plan didn’t pan out this season.  Aside from the title being gross understatement, the quotes from Moore and Hillman contained within make me want to cry and vomit at the same time.  My brother-in-law, BWalt, calls it “cromiting” and if a better term exists to describe my feelings, I haven’t found it.  Speaking of descriptions, delusional just doesn’t do the dynamic duo of Hillman and Moore at this point.  I’d react more to this article, but my brain just can’t handle it right now.  Maybe in a few days …