Happy Hamfighter Day


Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that there will not be a substantive post beyond this notice today.  I am about to depart for the annual KC Hamfighters softball party.  While there, I plan on partaking in several adult beverages and will be in no condition to write until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest. If last year’s party is any indication, I will also become reacquainted with my brother-in-law’s trash can.

The co-ed version of the Hamfighters opened their fall season with a rousing 7-6 victory on Thursday night.  The game also marked the return of yours truly to game action after breaking my hand back in April.  I went 0-3 while trying a little to hard to kill the ball in my return, but played a solid left-center.  After being rained out this week, the men’s edition of the Hamfighters squad won’t open the fall season until Tuesday.

Have a great weekend and thanks so much for taking the time to read Kings of Kauffman!