Sunday News, Notes, and Links

  • First off I am pleased to annouce that 2 new blogs have joined the Sports Network. is our new Toronto Raptors blog and is our new Florida Marlins blog
  • Just a heads up, I have decided to stop writing the Series Previews.  In their place I will be writing an edition of Central Processing every Friday, will continue to expand the Pitching Perspectives series that will be out every week on Monday or Tuesday, and hope to develop a counterpart to Pitching Perspectives to cover the offensive side of the team.  Now back to regularly scheduled Royals stuff.
  • Today the Royals have optioned RHP-Kyle Davies to Triple-A Omaha.  His spot on the roster will be taken by RHP-Robinson Tejeda who returns to the team after his stint on the DL.  I would have been upset if Davies had been sent down several weeks ago, but at this point why not?  Things aren’t working for him and it doesn’t appear he is going to get out of this recent funk on his own.  According to Dick Kaegel’s post over on, the options to take Davies’ place in the rotation are Sidney Ponson or Bruce Chen.  Sidney Ponson?  Oh, please god no.  Here’s hoping the Royals give him his outright release and are done with Sir Sidney.  I know it won’t happen, but I can hope.  Just like I hope to win the lottery even though I never buy a ticket.  The other option is Bruce Chen who has a 3.38 ERA, 0.988 WHIP and 3 CG shutouts in 12 starts for the Omaha Royals.  We’ve seen what Ponson can do and it’s not good, so lets give Chen a chance.  He is a LHP and a former member of the Atlanta Braves, so what’s not to like?  He also has a 4.63 ERA in 807 ML innings pitched which is better than Davies’ 2009 5.76 ERA or his career 5.65 ERA.
  • This past week the Royals signed 17 of their 2009 draft picks.  The players who are signed are:
    • RHP-Cole White (6th Round)
    • LHP-Buddy Baumann (7th)
    • RHP-Dusty Odenbach (8th)
    • C-Ben Theriot (9th)
    • 1B-Geoff Baldwin (10th)
    • RHP-Ryan Wood (11th)
    • LHP-Eric Diaz (16th)
    • LHP-Brendan Lafferty (18th)
    • 3B-Ryan Stovall (19th)
    • RHP-Patrick Keating (20th)
    • OF-Chanse Cooper (21st)
    • LHP-Ryan Dennick (22nd)
    • RHP-Scott Kelley (23rd)
    • RHP-Richard Folmer (25th)
    • OF-Gabe MacDougall (27th)
    • RHP-Josh Worrell (30th)
    • LHP-Claudio Bavera (33rd)
  • Below are some links to other Royals articles that have been posted in the last week.  Since all of these site post several times a week, I picked my favorites, so take a moment and check them out.