Soria Out with Sore Shoulder


Joakim Soria will be out 3-5 games due to tightness in his pitching shoulder and could end up on the DL.

This explains a lot.
It explains Hillman not using him very much the last week or so.
It explains why Soria has seemed a little more hittable this year compared to in 2008.
It also explains why his curveball hasn’t seemed as sharp or controlled this season.

The big question is what now?  According to Hillman in Dick Kaegel’s piece:

"“There is a problem, but it’s not a DL situation,” Hillman said.  “He doesn’t have any structural damage, but he does have a tight right shoulder on the back side, the posterior side. We’re looking at a minimum of three to five days.”The closing role will be handled by a “committee” until Soria returns, he said."

A committee?  The temporary, and I stress temporary, answer has to be Juan Cruz and Juan Cruz alone.  Robinson Tejeda would be an intriguing option as well, but he lacks the ability to consistently throw strikes.

If Kyle Farnsworth takes the mound to close a game at ANY point this season, I will officially begin the fire Trey Hillman movement on this website.

If Soria actually hits the DL, we suddenly have a very very big problem on our hands.

Zack Greinke smartly responded to this news by throwing his second straight complete game.  I hope Gil and Kyle follow suit.