3 Sent Down, 3 at 2B, Suzuki?, Ponson?


Henry Barrera and Julio Pimentel were optioned to AA Northwest Arkansas, while Matt Wright was assigned to minor league camp.  Pimentel was a no brainer since he is out at least 6 weeks, and if he needs surgery will likely be done for the season.  Henry Barrera, the Royals #13 prospect according to Baseball America, pitched only 2 innings this spring allowing 1 hit, 1 walk and struck out 1.  He took a step forward in 2008 when he was moved up to Hi-A Wilmington where he had a 2.81 ERA, 78 SO and 24 BB in 58 innings pitched.   Matt Wright pitched 2.1 innings giving up 1 hit, 1 run, 2 BB and struck out 2.  The only move of these 3 that hurts the Royals is Pimentel, who was looking very good before getting hurt.  Barrera is someone to watch long term, while Matt Wright is basically AAA filler.

Speaking of things that could hurt the major league team, today the Royals signed Sidney Ponson to a minor league contract and invited him to major league camp.  Last week I called for them to sign Pedro and they give us Sidney Ponson.  Dayton Moore had this to say about him:

"“He’s going to get an opportunity,” Royals general manager Dayton Moore said. “Our depth is not what we wish it was.”"

I have now become a HUGE Horacio Ramirez fan.  Seriously, if Sidney Ponson is the answer I don’t want to even know what the question is.  I get that their depth isn’t what it should be.  I’ve been saying that for weeks and it isn’t exactly some sort of revelation in the first place.  Props to Dayton for recognizing and publicly admitting to the problem.  A strike against him if they paid more than $5 to sign the guy.  I’ve seen too much of Sidney Ponson over the years to know that what he did pitching for the Dutch was the exception and not the rule.  This was a huge reach and probably a waste of money.

Speaking of huge reaches, Mac Suzuki was in camp this morning for a tryout.  I’m glad he is giving it a go and trying to get back into the majors after being in the Japanese and Mexican Leagues, but I’m not so glad he is trying to do it with the Royals.  That said, I will gladly take him if it results in Yabuta getting cut.

Since the Royals are apparently looking for anyone to pitch, I’ll gladly head to Arizona to try out for them.

It gets even better in Royals news today.  This one I can’t even really discuss so you can read the article here.  I get the need to sometimes platoon two players at a position, but three?  I also don’t like the mention of so and so can play 3B.  That is where Alex Gordon lives, and they better not so much as touch him unless he is badly hurt.  Gordon may have let some Royals fans down thus far in his career, not me, but he is better than all three of them combined.  Figure out 2B and quit worrying about what other position guys can play.  That is a lot more than I was planning on saying.