Oct 27, 2013; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Cardinals right fielder Carlos Beltran hits a RBI single against the Boston Red Sox in the third inning during game four of the MLB baseball World Series at Busch Stadium. Mandatory Credit: H.Darr Beiser-USA TODAY Sports

A Royals Holiday Wish List

Dear Santa,

The Royals have been good this year. In fact, they have been really good. Despite their history since 2004, they have been as good as they could be, winning more games than they have in any year since 1989. Surely this has to be enough to get off the naughty list, right?

However, the Royals still need help. If you could, please leave the following gifts under their tree this holiday season, and help spread joy, good cheer and a possible playoff berth to the Royals and their fans.

First, we would like a right fielder that could fit in as a middle of the order bat. Carlos Beltran would be nice, since we would like to see Beltran come home for the holidays once again. It has been almost a decade since we have seen his face smiling from beneath a Royals cap. It would be great to see that once again.

Next, we could use a second baseman. As much as Robinson Cano would be appreciated, we realize that there are limits to even your generosity. Quite frankly, we are not going to be picky at second base, just as long as it is an upgrade. or if you can find a way to keep Emilio Bonifacio hitting the way he did when he came over from Toronto. That would be great as well.

Another top starting pitcher would be great as well. If you could, please convince Ervin Santana to remain in Kansas City – he seemed to enjoy his time here, and we enjoyed watching him pitch. Matt Garza could also work. Just please make sure that the Royals realize that Jason Vargas is a solid back of the rotation piece, and not a second starter on a club with playoff aspirations. Please.

Finally, please let our young hitters progress. Eric Hosmer looked as though he may be hitting his stride in the second half of last season; if he can continue to perform like that, it would be great. Mike Moustakas, on the other hand, needs some work. Please let him stop trying to pull everything and let him turn into the type of the middle of the order bat that he was supposed to be.

Thank you,

Royals fans

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  • cardsfanatik

    Well, I like the sentiment. I will answer for you though.
    David Glass took over as CEO on that fateful day of September 23, 1993. At this time the Royal’s had not been completely horrid for 3 decades. They had a payroll of 41 million dollars. With Glass taking over it went to 19 million dollars. Glass bought the team on April 18, 2000. In his tenure as owner, this team has had 2 winning seasons, with one being this year. I’m sure that all the fans know that the only tree getting anything under it this year, is that of the Glass family. When Glass first took over as owner of the Royal’s, profits were to go to charity. That clause no longer exists. So for the last decade or so, Glass has made a very good profit off of an organization that has failed because of his lack of insight into the game of baseball, and his lack of caring what his fans thought, or what all of MLB thought for that matter. While none of this fan base is dumb enough, or deluded enough to believe that we have to have the Robinson Cano’s of the world, why is it that our team, can’t have consistent success? I’ll tell you why, and it boils down to one word, GREED. David Glass cares as much about the people and fans of Kansas City, as he does the people in Northern Tibet. This once proud franchise is now a dead husk, and quite frankly is like a baseball hospital. Meaning players are born here, leave after they grow, and then come back when they are sick, or about to die. I as a fan, am quite tired of the financial excuses, or the waiting on prospect excuses. So to answer your statements in the article the nicest way I know how, want in one hand, and crap in the other. That is what David Glass thinks of his fan base. And until someone with some vision buys this team, the Royal’s Christmas Tree will be as barren as the Sahara Desert. And Mr. David Hill, I love your articles, and feel free to use this AS an article if you would like. Or forward it to Mr. Glass would work also, since he obviously NEVER reads what his fans think, He won’t be viewing it here. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Don’t hold your breath for Christmas though.

    • Dave Hill

      First article I did here was about how Glass has to open his checkbook. Pretty sure it won’t be the last.

      I do wonder what it would be like to have the Royals owned by someone that cares about building a winner, is willing to spend on free agents and actually cares. Then I realize that it simply just does not seem to be in our future, at least for now. Maybe Glass can get visited by the three Ghosts of Christmas like Scrooge did in the Dickens novel, and he loosens his purse strings.

      • cardsfanatik

        I do wish for a change of some sort, however, after the announcement today, it appears as if we have to endure two more years of stingy moves, and misguided payroll fibs. As a fan base, I wonder how much more some can take. I feel as if people have been FAR to patient. We still draw a better crowd than the Rays, which is sad, and laughable all at the same time. I don’t even think we need to go to the post season EVERY year. I am not a “greedy” fan. But just to be in the conversation on a yearly basis would be nice. No one has taken the Royal’s seriously for years. And if they make no more moves this off-season, they won’t be taken seriously this year either. Baseball is not getting to be a “cheaper” game to be involved in. Its either time for owners to come to terms on a salary cap, or something’s going to have to change. I think baseball owners should only be allowed to “profit” if they put a winning team on the field. There should be some sort of “cheapskate” rule. Where it is adjusted for market, and attendance, etc. Where MLB states you have to put X amount of dollars back into your franchise, and produce, or sell it to someone that will. I know this will NEVER happen. But for small market teams, its getting to the point that noone cares anymore. They don’t get the marquee FA’s and the big name guys to come play for them, because they simply don’t have the money. I don’t think that the Royal’s can compete with the Yankees and BoSox in terms of payroll. But I do think that Glass has profited at the expense of the team. Maybe we should come up with a “fan committee”. Kind of like a Firing Squad, if you will, for dead beat owners. This is actually just a random thought process, and a long shot one at that, but after hearing of the 2 year extension for more losing baseball, and the foresight to know that Glass will not pony up and do what he needs to do, I am at a bit of a “wit’s end”.

        • Dave Hill

          I would love there to be a salary cap in baseball, while instituting a salary floor as well. As much as Glass does not liek spending money, he is still light years ahead of Jeffrey Loria and what the Astros were last season. Pretty bad that Glass is not one of the two worst owners in the game.

          • hemroid

            I think one thing is for sure, Mr. Glass does not give one damn about the team or the fans. He is from WalMart, home of the cheap buys and cheap sells. He operates on as thinly of a budget as he possibly can to continue to make a profit. He has given Dayton Less two more years because Dayton Less will not challenge him on even the slightest of matters (I don’t know this for a fact, it just appears so). However, if Glass were to pass who would the team belong to? His sons? and if so, do they give a diddle’s damn about the Royals either? I don’t know if they care or not because even if they did, they surely couldn’t speak up while papa Glass is still around. Royals’ fans may be stuck until someday the team is sold to someone who may really care. Until then all we can do is dream. Hmmm Beltran in right, Cain in Center, Santana is back on the mound…Moose has just hit his 30th of the season….

  • moretrouble

    I must be the only person who believes KC can make the playoffs next season with their current roster. The team I saw the second half of the season was one of the best in baseball. Subtracting Santana and Chen, but adding Duffy, Ventura and Vargas, I think they’re in pretty good shape right now.

    The difficulty in adding offense is the guys who finished the season in those likely spots played pretty well. What’s the going price for a .285+ hitter with speed to play 2B, or someone who can do better than a platoon of Lough and Maxwell in RF? Yeah, there are guys out there, but at what cost?

    The Dodgers won their division while scoring only one more run than KC and Pittsburgh made a wild card spot while actually scoring fewer runs. To say KC can’t make the playoffs without adding offense ignores pitching and defense.

    KC may benefit from bounce back seasons from Butler, Gordon and Escobar, while others, like Moustakas and Cain, may improve. It’s not out of the question this team can score more runs without additions.

    And, with all the young talent on the pitching staff, KC shouldn’t be taken lightly next year. If they add a hitter or bring back Santana, that’s great, but if not, I still think KC season ticket holders will use those playoff tickets next October.