A Day in the Life

The Royals have been slashed internally and they are bleeding. Bleeding at a terribly quick pace. There is hope that still lies around, but time is already running out.  The hitting is stop and go, the coaching moves are questionable, and the pitching is thinning the blood even more. “Someone get a doctor, this man is dying!”


There is your honest truth of what is happening to this team. Today is not a day to break down what is wrong with this team. I already know. You already know. Why waste our time? Let rejoice because its not even May yet. There is no need to hold our breath, cross our fingers, and pray for victory. It’s engraved in the job description of the Royals fan. A dirty, no good business- but hey! Someone has got to do it…

Separate yourselves from self-doubt, and anxiety. That behavior is for a Cardinals fan. When victory occurs, don’t be pompous. Let the Yankees mop that up. As this losing streak continues, don’t boycott because “it’s just not fair.” The Phillies and Mets faithful are willing to pay the higher price.

Just shut up, like a good Royals stockholder would.

We watch as this team commands second place in the American League Central through twenty-eight days of regular season play. Not bad and surprisingly better than expected. There have been wins in walk off fashion. There have been wins that have come at ease. But what really seems clear is that the wins for the Royals don’t affect the mental health of the team NEARLY as much as the losses do. Losing hurts. Not the readers of this story. Not the ones who fill the seats, but the players on the field. It hurts their state of mind. When this team gets beat, they FORGET that they can win. It’s noticeable and it makes a cold day, even colder. The truth is the truth and nothing more.

As this losing streak continues the Royals have become disrobed and dethroned. Coming off as a bunch of tough, gritty, desert leaches that never let opponents off the hook, there is suddenly a deep magnification in front of us identifying the flaws of this team. Driven by the sudden backbone of Gordon and Butler, Kansas City found its momentum early on. But it’s that time of the month. Every man has a bad day, and on this day we meet our flaws.

Every team is flawed, I know this… No team is perfect… BUT the Kansas City Royals are signaling back to their old ways.

Can we really be shocked?

I think not.

Unfortunately Royals fans have this to understand and swallow: It must be firmly digested that if you are a Royals follower and supporter you are placed in an awkward place in big league fandom. It’s a dark place that is uncomfortable.

It may very well be the most vulnerable fan base in the league.

There is nothing to be ashamed of though because Royals fans like being fooled. There is something about be pulled along for a wild ride, even if it lasts a month, that makes the whole experience a salivating one. They are fully aware of the dangerous path they travel down. No one is being naive in the slightest; there is no curse, at least not one that I know of. It is just a group of dedicated people that go full throttle when the Royals win and thrive on being fooled by the success of the team. Isn’t that what being a “fan” is all about? Supporting the team through thick and thin, ALL THE WAY TO THE END?

Royals fans are the best fans in Major League Baseball and here is why…

They are infiltrated with defining factors that, when combined together, differentiate them from any other fan base in Major League Baseball. They are not bitter. They are not ashamed. They don’t throw batteries; beat opposing fans into a coma nor do they attempt to stab coaches with on field attacks. When the skin bursting months of July and August come to a close and the team is thirty games out, they certainly don’t wear paper bags over their heads. A Royals fan walks with pride, keeps open ears and a silent mouth. All because it is fully understood that the Blue they represent ambitiously barks “blue collar,” and nothing more.

FOR THE MOST PART, Royals fans are:

A.)  Patient

B.)  Supportive

C.)  Understanding

D.)  Optimistic


E.)  Educated

Combine these together and you have an accurate representation of the makeup of this fan base.

You could make a comparison to Cubs fans, but there is a difference. As far as similarities go, both the Royals and Cubs can’t finish on top and don’t win divisions. Both play the same game and both go about business the same way whether it be field or front office. But in Chicago, a ballgame is an event. You soak in the sun, pride, passion and old game atmosphere in the big city. The streets are flooded with merchandise; the air smells of char, the stands usually full. Inner city kids pound on flipped over paint buckets. The money is there and it always will be. It isn’t about winning and losing. It’s about vacations, pictures, green ivy, and a story to tell at the office on Monday. Pennant races don’t exist in North Chicago. Wrigley Field is a monument, a landmark; a mountain in baseball dreams…an educating field trip for youth.

Cubs fans lack optimism and can’t quite understand the teams performance. Aside from such negativity, a truly grand baseball experience to say the least. The friendly confines!

Kauffman Stadium and its followers differ. The match takes place on fields similar to ones in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles…the cities, stadiums, and people much different.

The uniforms they wear are stitched by the same manufacturers, the ball in play and the bat that beats it, still…all the same.

What differs is the believers- the ones that keep the Royals alive.

For a team that continuously and unconsciously re opens its scabs, the individuals that fill the stands in support are there to heal, day by day. Sure more wins will bring more people, but in Kansas City, more losses have no effect. More so than any other team, the fans of Kauffman bring livelihood in good doses..

Success takes work. Success takes money. Success takes confidence. Success takes support.

Kauffman Stadium and its people house a magic bubble in a field found the middle of America. What beats outside of it lacks importance, but there is so much potential inside. Although never witnessed, “WHAT COULD BE,” is what brings us back for more. It’s not that there is no belief; it’s just more of a waiting game here, than other places. Royals fans are content with that. Continue to harness the patience and support. Continue to understand why we struggle. Ride the wave of victory and contention when available, and build on the education already established towards what makes a team, a team.

Until then… Alex Gordon is shocking us, Jeff Francouer seems like a decent move, Billy Butler makes contact…Second base misses Frank White, third misses George…Luke Hochevar is inconsistent, Kyle Davies even more…a catcher is a catcher, and a four man rotation just won’t work.

Still in second place, but falling fast…“Someone get a doctor, this man is dying.”

A day in the life of the Royals fan.


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