Brian Bannister Bullpen Bound

Brian Bannister has struggled since April ended, going 6-10 with a 6.77 ERA since then. He’s given up 23 homers in 22 starts. His K/BB ratio leaves a lot to be desired – 75/47 over 124 innings.

So recent news that he’ll be skipped for a few starts shouldn’t surprise anybody. Over the years, Bannister has been a major proponent of using advanced statistics to prepare and analyze pitching performances. For him, it’s been by necessity – it’s what he has to do to stay in the game since he lacks the pure talent of an average major league starter.

But all the number crunching won’t add 3 mph to your fastball, or give it more movement, or keep it in the ballpark. Bannister may not even be used out of the bullpen, but instead take some time to rework his mechanics. Philip Humber, recently called up from Omaha will work long relief, so Bannister may not see game action until August 15 when the Royals suggest he may return to the starting rotation.

Filling in for him in the rotation is Bryan Bullington, who was recalled on July 28 and since has pitched four scoreless innings for Kansas City. He’s spent most of the year in Omaha as a starter, putting up a 2.82 ERA over 102 innings pitched with a 73/28 K/BB ratio. He should start on Tuesday in Anaheim.

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  • One Royal Way | Travis

    It really is too bad Bannister is not very good. He is such a great interview, and I believe he really knows the game of baseball… Too bad it doesn’t translate to the mound.

    On the other side, I wouldn’t say that I’m excited to see Bullington take his rotation spot, but he simply cannot be any worse. If Bullington can put up that 4.50 ERA that Bannister told us he could consistently hit… That would be a win in my book.

    • Michael Engel

      Yeah, with Meche/Hoch hurt, there’s just not many options short of trying Lerew AGAIN or Gaby Hernandez. I don’t think anybody wants that. Bullington had that one bad outing against Colorado and was sent immediately down, so maybe…maybe he can be league average-ish.

      I’m rooting for Banny, but the writing on the wall is getting larger and more pronounced. He has a great career in scouting/as a GM Asst GM/in the broadcast booth/pitching coach…he has two options left, I believe with three years service time he can decline them? I dunno, have to double check that scenario.

  • David

    I’m not sure how I missed this blog, but it is great! Keep up the good work!

    • Michael Engel

      Thanks David! Bookmark us…make it a habit. I’m here darn near every day…

      • David

        I absolutely will bookmark and check you out every day. This is easily one of the best blogs out there for the Royals and WAY better than some other ones.

  • Jeff Parker

    All the intelligence in the world can’t make up for a lack of talent. I like the guy but its evident by now that he’s not good.