Simple question, simple answer, Callis tabs Royals as worst team

In today’s ESPN SportsNation Chat, Jim Callis was asked, “who is the worst team in baseball?”

His answer?

The Royals.

A simple question gets a simple answer but it kicked of this mini-rant in my head.  I had to write it out so it will stop bouncing around in there and let me focus on other things.  Here goes …

I get that it is just one person’s opinion, but I value what Jim Callis thinks.  At the major league level, which is what I believe he was talking about, it’s hard to argue with his assessment.  All in all, Callis has remained upbeat and positive about the Royals developing crop of talent in the minors which raises another question.

When does the future finally arrive and when does this team definitively turn the corner and move toward being competitive or, better yet, contention?

Three years ago I was thinking it might be 2010.  Last summer I outlined a scenario where the Royals could become competitive in 2011 if Dayton took some chances, made some moves and used 2010 as an evaluation period.  Since that time Moore has basically gone in the opposite direction.  So it was a swing and a miss on that plan.

For all the early offseason rhetoric of adding young talent, with 0-3 years of experience, to the roster we have …

Chris Getz

It was a good move, as was the signing of Noel Arguelles, but it is going to take more moves like this with an eye on the future to get things right in Kansas City.  Things cannot be fixed by the draft or international free agency alone.

It is going to take more than one or two moves every offseason to turn off the spigot of losing and fix this organization and I don’t think Dayton Moore has the stomach or ability to make it happen.

In the summer of 2006, David and Dan Glass brought in the very best and brightest candidate to replace Allard Baird as GM.  The sad reality is that while Dayton Moore was the right hire at the time, it is a hire that is not working out.  The Royals are stuck in a place right now where even most of the right moves they make result in the wrong outcomes.


At least my mind is a little less cluttered.  Speaking of which, it’s time for me to go pick up the kids from school.

(Wally Fish is the lead writer for Kings of Kauffman and Call to the Pen.  He is also FanSided’s MLB Director.  Subscribe to his RSS feed and add him on Twitter to follow him daily.)

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  • kw

    Callis is right. End of discussion.

  • Bannister19

    He is dead wrong about calling the Royals the worst team in baseball.
    He is obviously ignoring the facts.

    To reply to your article as well as Callis:

    The Mark Teahan trade was mainly a money-saving acquisition, which brought two young, high upside players to the Royals, at MLB-Minimum salaries. It was a great trade, but the goal of that trade wasn’t to somehow jump the royals to a fully competitive team with the Twins in 2010.

    Dayton Moore’s focus with the team lies in scouting, drafting, and development.
    Royals have been pretty much the biggest spender in the MLB the past two years in the draft. The international scouting budget has tripled (part of the reason we even signed Noel Arguelles)

    He made his share of bad signings, the two that stand out are Kyle and Jose. But he’s also had amazing signings.
    Greinke for 4 years at 9MM
    Soria for 3 years at what? 3, 4M?
    Arguelles at 9M for 7 Years or something? Or 7 for 5 or something.
    Podsednick at what? 1.5M?

    Flawless he hasn’t been, but the fact that we’re on the right track is obvious. We’ve been ranked as a top 10 farm by ESPN, and I think BA or BPUS.

    Any top prospects list you look at, you will most certainly see Moustakes, Montgomery, Crow, as well as Myers and Arguelles. Hosmer might still even make some.

    Furthermore, when talking about worst organizations, how can you call the Astros better than the Royals? Not only is our farm much stronger, but heck, our major league team arguably as well. The same goes with the Pirates and Indians.
    Possibly the Nationals, Reds, and Blue Jays as well. With the Orioles and Padres hanging in between.

    We’re in much better shape than most if not all of those organizations (though they each have their strengths and weaknesses)

    Sure, Royals aren’t about to win 100 games, but we’re not far from being competitive, and 2011 doesn’t sound all that bad. The rotation will look something like Zack Greinke, Aaron Crow, Gil Meche, then depending on the readiness/success of players, the last two between Bannister, Hochevar, Montgomery, Melville, maybe Duffy, and Arguelles. Possibly Dwyer as well.

    The lineup won’t include Jose Gullien, nor his 12MM. The bullpen won’t include Kyle Farnsworth. It may or may not include Cruz, depending on how he does, but if he stays, as a one year deal.

    Wil Myers will be developing. Hopefully Alex Gordon will be somewhere. By mid 2011 if not earlier, Mike Moustakes and Eric Hosmer, and even Jeff Bianchi.

    I know i’m not saying things people, especially on this site don’t know already, but anyone who calls the Royals the worst organization either doesn’t know anything about the Royals, or other clubs like the Astros, who seem to be at a position where we were with Allard. No farm, no major league team, no future in sight.

    • Wally Fish

      Bannister 19,
      I think saying Callis is dead wrong is a bit of a stretch.

      Again I think his assessment was based on the major league level only. I believe this because he has been very positive about the Royals minor league system, the prospects, their drafting, and their international spending. When most people were freaking out about Hosmer and Moose struggling last year he was leading the “they will be fine” charge every time their names came up in a chat question.

      His assessment also wasn’t about how the team sets up for 2011 or 2012. He was talking about the 2010 Royals major league roster, and while the Astros are looking pretty terrible right now I don’t think the separation is nearly as big as you believe between the teams, especially once Berkman returns. It is a long season and a lot could happen, but when the year comes to a close I will be surprised if KC and HOU are separated by more than a handful of games in terms of record.