Who are the 8 KC Royals with 45 stolen bases in a single season?

Plenty of players have done this once or twice, but one player reigns supreme.
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Freddie Patek - 1970, 1976-1977

At only 5 feet 5 inches during his playing days, Freddie Patek was not built like a normal everyday MLB player. However, the shortstop played in 1,245 games for the Royals and served as one of the franchise's first stars.

A three-time All-Star for the Royals, Patek had at least 30 steals every season from 1971-1978. He led the AL in 1977 with 53, while also recording 51 the year prior. He swiped 49 bags in 1971, his debut season with the Royals. Patek was caught stealing plenty of times, but he remained an efficient base stealer. His stolen-base percentage ranked in the AL's top-10 six times while playing for the Royals.

Patek is widely regarded as the best shortstop in the Royals' history. His bat was never electric, but his glove and base stealing made him an entertaining player on the Royals' first good baseball teams.

Amos Otis - 1971

Another Kansas City Royals Hall of Famer, Amos Otis, was not a base-stealing prodigy. But he exploded for 52 stolen bases in 1971 because he had the tools to make it work.

Otis' agility and quick reflexes established him as a great defender, as evident by his three career Gold Gloves. That translated well on the basepaths during the 1971 season, when he led the AL in stolen bases. He totaled 374 stolen bases across his entire career and averaged 30 stolen bases a season while playing for the Royals.

Beyond his stealing ability, Otis became one of the franchise's first stars. His contributions to offense and defense captivated both fans and fellow players, making him a significant figure in the early days of Royals baseball.