Who are the 8 KC Royals with 45 stolen bases in a single season?

Plenty of players have done this once or twice, but one player reigns supreme.
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Willie Wilson - 1978-1980, 1983-1984, 1987

Here is the Royals stolen base king right here. Willie Wilson is a Kansas City legend for a reason, and his legs were his greatest tool.

Wilson's claim to fame lies in his ability to steal bases, a skill that set him apart as one of the most electrifying baserunners in the history of the sport. Over his 19-year career, from 1976 to 1994, Wilson accumulated 668 stolen bases, good for the 12th most in MLB history. From 1978–1988, Wilson finished in the top five AL base stealers and led the AL with 83 in 1979. He constantly wreaked havoc on opposing pitchers and catchers and served as a lethal weapon for the 1985 World Series champions.

Throughout his tenure with the Kansas City Royals, Wilson's base-stealing prowess not only solidified his status as a fan favorite but also played a pivotal role in his team's offensive strategy. The two-time All-Star's impact extended beyond the basepaths, as his defensive skills and versatility made him an asset in the outfield as well. He won his lone Gold Glove award in 1980, the same year he led the league with 230 hits.

Wilson spent 15 seasons with the Royals, recording 612 stolen bases in that span. He was never caught stealing more than 12 times in a single season, speaking to his efficiency on the basepaths. His contributions during the height of Kansas City baseball earned him a spot in the Royals Hall of Fame in 2000.