Which five players have the most games played in a KC Royals uniform?

The list harkens back to the golden age of KC Royals baseball.
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4. Hal McRae - 1,837

Hal McRae, a name etched in the annals of Royals history, left an indelible mark with his hard-nosed and aggressive playing style. He wore the Royals' colors with pride from 1973 to 1987, making him one of the most enduring and beloved figures in the franchise's history.

McRae's early years with the Royals showed promise, but it was in 1974 that he truly broke out. That season, he belted 15 home runs, drove in 88 runs, swiped bases, and boasted an impressive .310 batting average. This performance set the stage for a remarkable career that would see him become a key player for the Royals.

As a three-time All-Star, McRae was a force to be reckoned with. In 1982, he had a career-defining year, hitting a staggering .308 with 27 home runs and a league-leading 133 RBIs. His prowess as both an outfielder and designated hitter made him one of the early stars of the DH role.

Throughout his time with the Royals, McRae consistently demonstrated his value. He topped the league in doubles twice and finished his career second on the Royals' all-time list in both doubles (449) and RBIs (1,012).

But McRae's impact on the Royals extended beyond the field. After his playing career, he stepped into the role of manager from 1991 to 1994, leaving a lasting legacy. While his managerial record may not have been outstanding, his leadership and dedication to the team were unwavering.

In recognition of his contributions, Hal McRae was rightfully enshrined in the Royals Hall of Fame in 1989, cementing his status as a Royals legend. His enduring presence in Kansas City baseball history is a testament to his skill, dedication, and the heart he brought to the game. Hal McRae will forever be remembered as a player who embodied the spirit of the Royals, leaving an unforgettable legacy on and off the field.

Hal McRae's career stats with Royals

At-Bats: 6,658
Runs Scored: 873
Hits: 1,924
Home Runs: 169
Runs Batted In: 1,012
Walks: 616
Strikeouts: 697
Stolen Bases: 105
Batting Average: .293
On-Base Percentage: .356
Slugging Percentage: .458