3 too-early trade partners that make too much sense for KC Royals

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Colorado Rockies

Possible targets: LHP Jalen Beeks, RHP Nick Mears, RHP Riley Pint, UTL Hunter Goodman

Let's keep the trade partners out west, looking now to the Colorado Rockies. The NL West team is battling with the Miami Marlins for the last-place spot in the National League, something the 2023 Royals can relate to. Colorado general manager Bill Schmidt is still retooling this team and its farm system, yet another point Kansas City fans can relate to.

The Rockies are a carcass of an MLB team, with little meaningful scraps for trade partners to pick. However, that makes them a worthwhile early trade partner if they seek to sell high on a particular player, rather than wait two months for their value to change. Outfielder Charlie Blackmon will be a popular name, but Colorado moving on from their veteran face seems unlikely. Besides, Kansas City couldn't carry Hunter Renfroe, Nelson Velázquez, and Blackmon...right?

Jalen Beeks is a lefty reliever Kansas City could look at, if their faith in Sam Long or outlook on Walter Pennington waivers. He is far from a strikeout-dominant lefty but limits quality contact well and would benefit from playing in pitcher-friendly Kauffman Stadium.

Righty Nick Mears is far better than his ERA or record suggest, striking out batters at a healthy clip, and inducing groundballs more often than not. His walks are a trade-off for a powerful fastball, but Kansas City can also work with his secondary pitches. Again, he and Riley Pint aren't a premiere addition but a supplemental one.

Goodman is the only young bat in Colorado that could fit in Kansas City, both for roster fit and price range. His career so far shares many features with MJ Melendez unfortunately, right down to the "catcher turned outfielder" story. Still, his power is tantalizing, has plenty of team control, and has better results than Melendez this season.

Colorado is only a trade partner if Kansas City wants low-leverage trades, not the splashy ones this fanbase craves. The Rockies are a bad team, plain and simple. The Royals should exploit that while they can if they identify a great fit in their 2024 plans.

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