Three potential starting pitchers the KC Royals could target in Pittsburgh

Kansas City needs to improve it's pitching, both now and in the future. Pittsburgh has a deep system of pitching talent but are in a bind due to injuries. Could they work out a deal that's beneficial to both?
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Michael Kennedy throws like a veteran college pitcher

If sustainability is truly their goal, the Royals must prepare for a competitive window that extends well past 2025. The Royals have drafted poorly for years, leaving the cupboard bare. Even in recent years, the draft has not been their friend, as very few draft picks have resulted in major league starters. Taking advantage of young players identified by other teams' scouts is one way they might add to their depth. One young prospect who fits that mold is 19-year-old Michael Kennedy.

Kennedy is currently in Low-A ball at Bradenton. The Pirates drafted him 110th overall in the 2022 draft. He has quickly climbed the ranks to the position of the Pirates' 11th-rated prospect, and for good reason: this kid can pitch. Kennedy wrapped up his debut professional season with a 1.11 WHIP, starting seven games.

He's young and needs time, but he has college-level command and a workman-like approach, similar to Royals' starter Kris Bubic. He possesses three very good pitches that all generate bad contact, and like Bubic, Kennedy could be a pitcher who makes the majors very quickly due to his simplistic style and solid command. Kennedy would be a great tack-on if the Royals were able to convince the Pirates to trade a young pitcher.