The 3 most exciting KC Royals moments of 2023

There were indeed gems amid all the debris.
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The great thing about baseball is that even in a season with 106 losses, there are still plenty of highlights. That's the beauty of a long season, and the 2023 KC Royals are proof of that.

It wasn't all bad for the 2023 KC Royals

Our list of the top three exciting moments of the 2023 season isn't meant to convince anyone that this season was a success in any sense. But narrowing down this list to three was harder than some might think.

Consider, for example, a few candidates that were left off. Salvador Perez became the 10th catcher in major league history to hit 200 home runs at the position and logged his 10,000th inning behind the plate. Catching prospects Logan Porter and Tyler Cropley made memorable debuts, and Samad Taylor announced his presence with a walk-off in his first major league game. The Royals even brought back the full powder blues on Opening Day!

Sure, none of our top three will go down in history like George Brett's 1980 ALCS home run off Goose Gossage or Eric Hosmer's mad dash home in the 2015 World Series—that's what happens when a club ties the franchise record for losses. But they gave Royals fans something to cheer for this summer, and that's not without value.

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