Looking at the KC Royals biggest trade pieces (and three trade partners for each player)

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Nick Pratto has a deep hole to climb from with the KC Royals.

This is the only roster-clearing trade on this list. I am sure that Garcia and Singer will be on the Royals Opening Day roster if they are healthy and not traded. I cannot say the same thing for first baseman Nick Pratto.

Pratto had a rough 2023 season and the clock is ticking on the 25-year-old. He started off the season with an amazing 30-game stretch but then failed to make meaningful contact and struck out at an absurd rate. His 40% strikeout rate ranked second-worst among qualified MLB players this season.

His 79 wRC+ came with an above-average .388 BABIP, suggesting Pratto struggled despite having some luck on his side. Unlike Garcia, there are not any supporting metrics to say PRatto will get better with some simple adjustments.

Kansas City feels flush with first basemen, or players who can fill in as needed. Nick Loftin, Perez, and Logan Porter are just some of the players who can fill in behind Vinnie Pasquantino if needed. Pratto saw plenty of action in 2023, but the bad outweighed the good. He had a chance, with Pasquantino injured, to show he could be an every-day MLB first baseman in Kansas City. That is not the case anymore.

There are some teams around the league that need more depth at first base, and Pratto can provide that. A team's coaching staff may be able to address the strikeout issues or his woeful defense and make him a contributor. The prospect return would not be massive, but it would give Kansas City some breathing space on the 40-man roster and in the depth chart.

Trade partners: Milwaukee Brewers, San Diego Padres, Chicago Cubs