Looking at the KC Royals biggest trade pieces (and three trade partners for each player)

The hot stove brings warmth during the winter months.

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The KC Royals have been quiet so far this offseason, but hopefully, that will change shortly. After an unknown stomach virus caused the MLB general manager meetings to end prematurely, the hot stove cooled around the league. But there was some important trade work done in those three days, according to MLB.com's Mark Feinsand.

“This is an information-gathering situation,” one AL executive said. “Everybody is just starting to get a feel for which players could be available, what teams might be looking for and so on. But for some trades that happen later in the winter, invariably some groundwork for those moves will likely have been laid here this week.”

How will the KC Royals use trades this offseason to shape the 2024 roster?

That offers me some hope, looking at a Royals team that may not be massive buyers in the free agent market. The team has several needs to address after the 2023 season, and trades can help the situation. They can either provide that help immediately or clear the way for help in some other form or fashion. I feel like trades need to be leveraged if the Royals want to move on from several players that do not fit their current mold, so to speak.

The trade debate surrounding Salvador Perez will continue, with or without renewed rumors. He is not the only player Kansas City could move this offseason, though. Let's take a look at three other players and some trade partners around the MLB.