KC Royals Predictions: 3 players who won't return next season

Roster cuts are coming in Kansas City.
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If Brad Keller plays in 2024, it won't be for the KC Royals

No one can legitimately dispute that Brad Keller has had his good moments with the Royals. He went 9-6 with a 3.08 ERA as a rookie in 2018 and 5-3, 2.47 in the short 2020 season.

That he's lost 14 games twice and 12 once and is 24-44 in his other three Kansas City seasons, though, proves the enigma he is. Consistency on the mound isn't something associated with Keller anymore, making him an unlikely candidate to return to the Royals, who desperately need pitching consistency from someone.

And injuries compound Keller's shaky status. Because his battles with right shoulder impingement and symptoms of thoracic outlet syndrome kept him on the Injured List most of his 2023 season and ended it prematurely, he pitched only 11 times for the club. It's hard not to blame his health, at least in part, for his 3-4 record and 8.93 BB/9.

Then there's free agency, which Keller gets to test for the first time when the World Series ends. The Royals don't sign many of their own free agents, and some team or teams may be willing to take a chance on Keller. In any event, don't expect to see him pitching anywhere in the KC organization next season.

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