KC Royals News: Danger lurks, some grumblings, and hot prospects

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A former KC Royals staffer isn't finding the going easy on the South Side

Speaking of Pedro Grifol, the White Sox seemed excited, if not thrilled, when they landed the ex-KC bench coach as their new manager in November. His hiring followed Tony La Russa's resignation and ended the Hall of Fame manager's controversial second run with the Sox.

The honeymoon, though, is in danger of ending if it hasn't already. The White Sox, thought by some to have a shot at the AL Central title this season, have lost seven in a row and nine of their last 10 and, at 7-18, are ahead of only the Royals in the Division.

Grumblings about Grifol don't seem to have swept the South Side yet, but they're there. Vincent Parise, knower of all things White Sox at Southside Showdown, one of our sister FanSided sites, called in no uncertain terms Wednesday for the immediate dismissals of Grifol and longtime Chicago general manager Rick Hahn. Because the GM's history with the Sox runs far deeper than Grifol's, and Grifol's feet as a big league skipper are barely wet, Hahn is more likely to get the axe in the short term. But patience may be running short on the South Side.

And the White Sox have underachieved too often in the past few years.

Moving on again, is there some offensive help at Omaha?