KC Royals Immaculate Grid Cheat Codes: Lonnie Smith

A new series to help Royals fans play the Grid.

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Welcome to the first installment of Kings of Kauffman writer Patrick Glancy's new series focusing on the popular Immaculate Grid game and former KC Royals players.

The Immaculate Grid game became popular in the baseball world this summer, and even if the initial buzz may have died down a bit, I'm guessing quite a few of our Kings of Kauffman readers still play it. Whether you're killing some down time at work or trying to beat your friends' scores, it's the perfect diversion for baseball junkies who enjoy the history section at Kings of Kauffman, or baseball in general. And if you're anything like me, your eyes light up when you see the KC Royals are one of the daily categories.

We're looking for KC Royals who got around and got stuff done

Success in the Grid comes down to three main factors: obscurity, statistical milestones, and, of course, a long list of different teams on the back of players' baseball cards. That's where we come in. This series will help familiarize Kings of Kauffman readers with often-overlooked Royals who recorded landmark performances and, most importantly, have a large and varied collection of major league uniforms in their closets. Stick with us and our series and your rarity scores will be plummeting in no time at all.

First up is Lonnie Smith, a key member of the 1985 World Series championship team and one of the most fascinating players to ever put on a powder blue Royals uniform.

Let's get this new Kings of Kauffman series going...